100KG/H Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

100KG/H Automatic Potato Chips Production Line
100KG/H Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

The automatic potato chips production line is a machine specially used to produce potato chips. This production line is a small production line with an output of 100kg/h. The production line has a high degree of automation and saves labor.

Potato chips are the world’s favorite snack. The crunchy texture makes many people love potato chips. And March 14 is set as Potato Chip Day. The raw material of potato chips is potatoes, and only one raw material is used. The production state minister is more simple and easy to operate.

Potato cutter for potato slicing in automatic potato chips production line

French fries slices are sliced ​​using a French fries slicer, because the thickness of the potato flakes is the same, and the thickness of the potato flakes is uniform to be cooked at the same time during frying. Only when the thickness is appropriate can the production of fries maintain a crisp taste and be able to produce fries. Ensure that the potato chips will not break during the packaging process.

The taste of potato chips

In addition to using the simplest salt to season the potato chips, some MSG and different spices are added to make potato chips of different flavors, such as chicken sauce, steak, seaweed, cheese, salt and pepper, seafood, spicy and other flavors. , French fries have more flavors. The potato chips seasoning of the automatic French fries production line is carried out by a seasoning machine. The potato chip seasoning machine is a roller seasoning machine, which spreads more evenly and can be produced continuously.

What machines are used to make potato chips?

1. wash and peel machine  Wash and peel machine  Model: TZ-800Capacity : 700kg/hDimension: 1580*850*800 mmVoltage: 220v,50hzPower: 1.5kwWeight : 220kgOne batch:2 minutesMaterial: 304 stainless steelRollers: 9 pcsMachine with wheels, sprays, water tray.
2. Picking conveyor  Picking conveyorModel: TZ-1000 size:2000*1200*900mm Voltage: 220v,50hzPower: 0.37kwWeight : 280kgConveyor belt width: 400mm Material: 304 stainless steel +PVC belt
3.Potato chips cutter Potato chips cutterModel:TZ-600 Size:750*520*900mm Capacity:600kg/h Weight: 70kgVoltage:440v,50hz,3phase Power:0.75KW Material:304 Stainless steel Knife:2mm 
4.conveyorConveyorModel:TZ-140Size:2000*800*1600mm Voltage: 380v,50hzPower:0.75kwMaterial :304 stainless steel 
Blanching machine Blanching machineModel:TZ-1000 weight: 300kgsize:1400*1200*1600mm temperature: 80-90degreePower: 36kwCapacity: 100kg/h
6.Dewater machineDewater machineModel:TZ-800 weight: 600kgsize:1200*1200*1400mm Power: 1.5kw 
7.conveyorConveyorModel:TZ-140Size:2000*800*1600mm Voltage: 380v,50hzPower:0.75kwMaterial :304 stainless steel 
fryerFryerModel:TZ-1000 weight: 300kgsize:1400*1200*1600mm temperature: 160-180degreePower: 36kwCapacity: 100kg/h
9.Deoil machine
Deoil machine
Model:TZ-800 weight: 600kgsize:1200*1200*1400mm Power: 1.5kw 
10.conveyorConveyorModel:TZ-140Size:2000*800*1600mm Voltage: 380v,50hzPower:0.75kwMaterial :304 stainless steel 
Seasoning machine Seasoning machineModel:TZ-1500Size:1800*850*1800mm Voltage: 380v,50hzPower:1.5kwMaterial :304 stainless steelWith automatic feeding function
automatic potato chips production line

Machines related to the automatic potato chips production line

Our company also has other product lines such as a 50kg/h-150 potato chip production line and a different output French Fries production line. You can choose the machine according to your own production needs.

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