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Fully-automtaic potato chips production line
Fully-automtaic potato chips production line

The industrial potato chips production line is manufactured to make crispy fried chips from natural potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, etc. The production process of this commercial potato chip line mainly includes washing, peeling, slicing, blanching, dehydrating, frying, deoiling, seasoning, and packaging. And according to different customer needs, the potato chips making machine can be customized into a semi-automatic potato chip production line and a fully automatic potato chip production line, the output is between 50kg/h and 1000kg/h. Preferentially priced potato chip processing plants are the best choice for most small and medium-sized potato chip producers, and they are also a good production project with fast returns and high return on investment.

Raw materials for making crispy potato chips

The raw materials for processing potato chips are usually various types of potatoes. Processors usually cooperate with potato growers or buy large quantities of fresh potatoes. To make potato chips with a better taste, processors can also grow potato chips with low starch content like Lay’s.

In addition, some potato chip processors also choose to use sweet potatoes and cassava to process potato chips. In fact, their processing methods are the same, so customers can process many different fried crisps after choosing the potato chip production line.

Final products of the potato chips plant

The crispy chips produced by the potato chip processing line are usually original, but potato chip processors usually season them. Potato chip processors generally prepare seasoning recipes for several popular potato chip flavors on the market, and season the produced potato chips for selling.

Semi-automatic potato chips production line

Semi-automatic potato chips production line of taizy machinery
semi-automatic potato chips production line of Taizy machinery

The main feature of the semi-automatic potato chip production line is that its production process requires the participation of several workers, and the production process is relatively flexible. The entire production line usually requires 5-10 workers. Because the price is relatively cheap, many investors with lower investment budgets generally choose this small potato chip plants. The commonly sold semi-automatic potato chip lines’ capacity is 50kg/h, 100kg/h, 150kg/h, 200kg/ h and 300kg/h.

Small-scale potato chips processing plant’s machine list

NO.Machine name
1Electric washing and peeling machine
2Wave and flat potato chips cutter
3Blanching machine
4De-water machine
5Frying machine
6De-oil machine
7Seasoning machine
8Potato chips packaging machine
Amazing potato chips making process
amazing potato chips making process

The processing flow of the semi-automatic potato chips line

In fact, the production process of potato chips and fries is very similar, and part of the equipment used is the same. The production process of the semi-automatic potato chip processing line is 1. Potato cleaning and peeling; 2. Potato slicing(wavy or flat); 3. Potato chips blanching; 4. Dewatering; 5. Deep-frying of potato chips; 6.Deoiling; 7. Potato chips seasoning; 8. Potato chips packaging.

Small potato chips processing plant video

Steps of making fried potato chips

Washing and peeling

Potato washing machine for sale

The purpose of potato cleaning and peeling is mainly to keep the potatoes clean and hygienic. Before washing potatoes, it is best to separate out bad potatoes and stones and other impurities.

Wavy or flat potato slices cutting

Automatic potato slicer machine

There are two types of equipment for potato slicing: down-press slicing machine and multi-function slicing machine. This multi-functional potato slicer is more practical, which can cut the potatoes into wavy slices and flat slices with adjustable thickness by switching different cutters.

Potato slices blanching

Chips blanching machine

Potato chips blanching process can not only quickly remove excess potato starch, but also protect the original color of potatoes. The blanching temperature is 80 ℃ -100 ℃, and the time is about 1-2 minutes.

Dewatering of blanched chips

Electric dewatering machine

The potato chips after dewatering will not cause splash of oil droplets during frying, which can ensure the safety of production. It also saves frying time. The dewatering time is about 2 minutes.

Potato chips frying

Potato chips deep fryer

The frying time of potato chips is generally 5 minutes, and the frying temperature is between 160 ° C and 180 ° C. The heating method of potato chip fryer can choose electric heating and gas heating.

Fried potato chips deoiling


The automatic deoiling machine can quickly remove the excess oil on the surface of fried potato chips, making the potato chips taste better and more beneficial to human health.

Crispy chips seasoning

Potato chips seasoning machine

Using this batch type of electric seasoning machine can make the taste of fried potato chips more abundant. Customers can prepare a variety of different seasonings, and then use this machine for rapid and uniform mixing.

Potato chips packaging

Potato chips packaging machine

The last step of the small-scale potato chips processing line is to pack the potato chips into bags. This vacuum packaging machine has the function of nitrogen filling so that can reduce the damage rate when packaging potato chips.

Fully automatic potato chips production line

The large-scale potato chips production line is the good choice of the medium and large potato chips processers. Based on the semi-automatic potato chip plant, this potato chips making plant replaces manual labor with automatic transporting equipment at key links, thus ensuring product hygiene and improving production efficiency.

Fully-automtaic potato chips production line
Fully-automtaic potato chips production line

Details of automatic potato chip processing plant

Hoist conveyor
Hoist conveyor for automatic potatoes transporting in automatic chips lines
Washing and peeling machine
Electric potato washing and peeling machine with a inner screw for pushing forward
Picking table
Picking line(table) is set for labor picking of the bad or damaged potatoes
Automatic potato cutting machine
Automatic potato cutter machine for making wavy and flat potato slices efficiently(can be different types)
Hoisting machine
The second hoist conveyor for deliverying of the fresh potato slices
Rinsing machine
Fast rinsing machine for removing excess potato starch of the cut potato slice surface
Blanching machine
Continuous blanching machine for potato chips’ color and taste protecting
Dewatering machine
Vibration device for fast dewatering of potato chips
Air-cooling machine
Air-cooling machine for better drying effect of potato chips

Hoisting machine
The third automatic conveyor for lifting potato slices into the fryer machine

Frying machine
Large chips fryer for deep frying of potato chips with gas-heating or electric-heating
Deoiling machine
Electric deoiling machine for removing oil droplets through continuous vibration
Air-cooling machine

Another air cooler for lowering the temperature of the fried potato chips quickly

Hoisting machine

The fourth hoist conveyor is mainly used to transport the potato chips to the automatic seasoning machine for mixing

Automatic seasoning machine

Rotary seasoning machine with automatic weighing and timing discharging of the seasonings

Potato chips packaging machine

Potato chips packaging machine with low break rate and high packaging speed

The output of the potato chips making machines we can offer

20-50kg/h, 50-100kg/h, 150kg/h, 200kg/h and 300kg/h(the most ordered), 350kg/h, 400kg/h, 500kg/h, or larger yield. We can also customize the potato chips production line capacity based on the customers’ actual needs.

Why choose the potato chips production line for making crisp chips?

Although we can make delicious fried potato chips at home, to realize the commercial production of crisp potato chips, we must rely on industrial potato chip processing plants. The potato chip processing machine can automatically deep-process potatoes, cassava, sweet potato, and other materials, and finally, make potato chip snacks of various flavors. The taste of these potato chips is comparable to homemade potato chips, and even more attractive than homemade potato chips.

Industrial potato chips processing plant
Industrial potato chips processing plant

Today, the potato chip processing business has become a profitable investment project. This is potato chips, a snack that people generally love for a long time, and the market demand has been great, so it can guarantee the sales of potato chip processors. In addition, the investment cost of potato chips production business is relatively low, and its price is acceptable to most investors.

The most important point is that the profit margin of potato chip production is very high. Investors can not only make money, but also promote the employment of workers and promote the development of the regional economy, so they usually get support from the local government.

Production advise for potato chips producers

1. In the initial stage of investment in potato chip processing lines, the majority of potato chip manufacturers must do a good job of market research, including local market analysis, raw material prices, labor prices, plant site selection, power supply, equipment selection, and other aspects.

2. Especially when choosing potato chip processing equipment, it is important to choose a potato chip machine manufacturer with strong production strength, high product quality, and a good corporate reputation.

3. In the early stage of processing potato chips, manufacturers generally do not rush to mass production but should be familiar with the production process and details of potato chips. Quickly explore a set of best production methods in a period of time, so as to ensure a smoother potato chip production process, and also to ensure the quality of potato chip products.

Finished Potato Chips With The Chips Line

Can I make french fries with this automatic potato chips line also?

In fact, the processing technology of fried potato chips and fried french fries is basically the same. If the potato chip producer wants to use this automatic potato chip processing line to produce french fries, it also works. The manufacturer only needs to replace the potato cutting machine in the production line.

The difference between the shape of french fries and potato chips is mainly determined by the potato cutter. By replacing different cutting machines, customers can use the same production line to produce fries and chips at the same time, which can save costs and increase economic benefits.

Working video of the automatic potato chips line

What material is your potato chip production equipment made of?

Our entire equipment is made of high quality 304 stainless steel. And we support customers to come to our factory to inspect the goods in person.

How long does it take for dewatering and deoiling?

It’s about 2 minutes. And it is determined to your actual production requirements.

Can the temperature of the blanching machine and the frying machine be adjusted?

Yes, of course. Their temperature can be set or adjusted uniformly on the electric control cabinet.

How many finished products can be produced from 1kg of potatoes?

Depending on the customer’s raw material type and freshness, as well as the worker’s operating method and other factors, the specific production situation will be different. In general, 1 kg of potatoes can produce about 0.6-0.7 kg of frozen French fries or 0.3 kg of potato chips.

How many kilograms can be cleaned per batch when the potato cleaning machine in the potato chip production line is working? How long does it usually take?

Different models of this washing machine have different output, and the amount of each batch is also different. The washing machine with a processing capacity of 200kg/h can put about 40kg in each batch. The cleaning of fresh potatoes takes about 1-2 minutes, and the potatoes stored for a long time takes about 5-6 minutes.

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