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The fried banana plantain chips production line is well designed for making crispy banana and plantain chips at plants. The complete banana chip processing line integrates the following functions, such as green banana plantain peeling, slicing, frying, cooling, sugar leaching, re-frying, deoiling, seasoning, and packaging. Both the semi-automatic banana chips lines and full-automatic fried plantain chips lines are available in our factory at good prices. The fried plantain chips processing plant’s capacity ranges from 50kg/h, 100kg/h, 150kg/h, 200kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/h, and 1000kg/h.

Classifications of Taizy banana plantain chips production lines

As a strong food machinery manufacturer and supplier, Taizy factory currently mainly provides small semi-automatic banana chip production lines (100kg/h to 500kg/h) and large fully automatic fried plantain chips production lines (200kg/h to 1000kg/h) to customers at home and abroad.

Equipment list of the semi-automatic banana chips production line

No.Equipment name
1Green banana peeling machine
2Banana slicer machine
3Banana chips blanching machine
4Banana chips dewater machine
5Banana chips fryer machine
6Fried banana chips deoiling machine
7Fried banana chips seasoning machine
8Fried banana chips vacuum packaging machine
semi-automatic fried banana chips line plant
semi-automatic fried banana chips line plant

The production process of small fried banana chips processing line

The production process of the deep-fried banana chips processing line is simple and easy for the producer to operate. The production process mainly includes banana peeling, banana slicing, banana chips blanching, banana chips dewatering, chips frying, fried banana chips deoiling, fried banana chips seasoning, fried banana chips packaging, etc.

Fried banana chips making process with the semi-automatic line
Fried banana chips making process with the semi-automatic line

1.Banana peeler machine

electric green banana peeling machine

Banana peeling machine is mainly used for batch peeling of bananas. The bananas used to make crisp banana chips are preferably fresh, non-damaging bananas with a maturity of 70 to 80%. Less ripe green bananas can also be used to make fried banana chips.

2. Banana slicer machine

banana chips slicer

This electric banana slicer machine is the commonly used slicing equipment for making all kinds of vegetable and fruit slices. It can make banana chips with a thickness of 5-8mm very quickly. After slicing, the producer can soake them in a sodium bisulfite solution with a concentration of 5-10% for 30-50 minutes for good tastes and colors.

3. Banana chips blanching machine

banana chips blanching machine

After slicing, these banana chips should be blanched with the electric blanching machine to remove the excess starch and debris. The banana chips are lightly blanched to ensure that they taste more delicious after frying.

4. Banana chips dewatering machine

Before frying these banana slices, we also need a fast dewatering machine to remove the water droplets of the banana chips. Therefore, when frying the banana chips, it will be more efficient and safe.

5. Banana chips fryer machine

banana chips deep fryer machine

Banana chips frying is the most important step of the semi-automatic banana chips production line. The heating methods of this fryer machine can be both electricity and liquified gas. Within 5-6 minutes frying with the temperature around 160 ℃, the crisp deep-fried banana chips will be finished.

6. Fried banana chips deoiling machine

electric deoiling machine

After the deep-frying of the banana chips, the users should use an automatic deoiling machine for reducing the excess oil of the fried banana chips. So that can keep the good tastes of the banana chips.

7. Fried banana chips seasoning machine

fried plantain chips seasoning machine

By using this continuous seasoning machine, the banana chips producers can make their chips with different flavors. The banana chips seasoning machine has high efficiency of mixing the chips with seasonings fast and evenly.

8. Fried plantain chips packaging machine

fried banana chips packaging machine

The last step for processing banana chips with the semi-automatic fried banana chips processing line is to pack these delicious chips into bags. The vacuum packaging machine can not only vacuum-pack products but also can do nitrogen-filled packaging, which is very suitable for packaging relatively crisp food.

delicious fried banana chips made by chips production line
delicious fried banana chips made by fried plantain chips production line

Machine list of large fried plantain chips processing plant

No.Equipment name
1Green banana peeler
2Banana slice cutter machine
3Hoist conveyor 1
4Belt type banana chips blanching machine
5Plantain chips air-drying and cooling machine
6Hoist conveyor 2
7Leaching sugar machine
8Hoist conveyor 3
9Belt type continuous frying machine
10Fried banana chips deoiling machine
11Hoist conveyor 4
12Fried plantain chips seasoning machine
13Automatic banana chips packaging machine
Fully-automatic fried banana chips line
Fully-automatic fried banana chips line

Full-automatic banana plantain chips production line’s features

  • 1. A larger green banana peeler machine is needed for the automatic plantain chips line. This machine has different types and models as well as different capacities. It has two inlets with different diameters, which is suitable for peeling bananas of different sizes. And it needs at least 2 workers when working.
Large type green plantain peeling machine
Large type green plantain peeling machine
  • 2. The electric hoist conveyors are required for the fried plantain chips production line. To achieve automatic production of banana chips, the conveyors will be very useful to reduce worker participation. And this banana chips line needs no less than 4 hoist conveyors for connecting each of the banana chip processing links.
hoist conveyor
hoist conveyor
  • 3. Continuous plantain banana chips frying machine is the key equipment for full-automatic banana chip processing plant. The mesh belt fryer can work continuously, and the frying process does not require workers to participate, which can ensure the safety of the fried banana chip production process. The temperature of the plantain chips fryer can be set and adjusted between 100°C and 200°C. The oil residue formed after frying can be easily removed.
frying machine
frying machine
  • 4. The main purpose of sugar dipping and seasoning in the production process of fried banana chips is to make fried plantain chips with a better taste. In actual production, customers can choose whether to dip banana chips with sugar and seasoning.
banana chips sugar coating machine
banana chips sugar coating machine
  • 5. In order to meet the commercial production of crisp banana chips, we usually need to equip a large banana chip packaging machine. This continuous packaging machine can pack banana chip snacks into bags of various specifications. We can customize the weight of each bag of banana chips, the style and size of the packaging bag, etc. according to the packaging needs of customers.
automatic packing machine for fried banana chip snacks
automatic packing machine for fried banana chip snacks

Features of the fried plantain chips production line

  1. All the banana chips making machines in this line are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, so that can make sure their long service life.
  2. For intelligent control of this complete production line, we can support the users with a PLC system, which can realize the easy and safe operation.
  3. If necessary, we can support the customer with the fried banana chips recipes for good selling on the market. And help do the profit analysis of the local banana chips production.
  4. The output of this fully automatic fried banana slice processing line is not unique but can be customized according to customer needs. The common output of customer orders is 150kg / h, 200kg / h, 300kg / h and 500kg / h.
  5. The complete set of machines are made of 304 stainless steel, which can not only ensure the flavor of the finished product but also ensure that the equipment has a long service life.
  6. In addition to providing customers with high-quality machines, we can also provide customers with the most reasonable production solutions and profit analysis for free to help customers get the maximum benefits from fried banana chips production.
delicious fried banana chips made by Taizy machines
delicious fried banana chips made by Taizy machines

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