100KG/H Semi-automatic Frozen French Fries Production Line

The 100kg/hour semi-automatic frozen French fries production line has been exported to domestic and foreign, and it received good praise.

    small frozen french fries production line

    Our company has strong strength and rich technical experience. Since the establishment of the factory, our company has been forging ahead and researching. At present, The complete sets of semi-automatic frozen French fries equipment we produced have been exported to domestic and foreign. We received wide praise from our users.

    Potato lines produced by our company include semi-automatic and fully automatic potato lines. Each line can be configured according to the customers’ needs.

    Specification of French fries production equipment

    1Washing and peeling machineWashing and peeling machineModel: TZ-800
    Capacity: 700kg/h
    Dimension: 1580*850*800 mm
    Voltage: 220v,50hz
    Power: 1.5kw
    Weight: 180kg
    One batch:2 minutes
    Material: 304 stainless steel
    Rollers: 9 pcs
    Machine with wheels, sprays, and water tray.
    2BrushBrushMaterial: Nylon
    3SprayerSprayerMaterial: Stainless steel+PP
    4cutter machineCutter machineModel: TZ-600
    Dimension :950*800*950mm
    Voltage : 220v,50hz
    power: 1.1kw
    Weight: 110kg
    Material: 304 stainless steel
    Function: Sweet potato, potato, radish, and so on can be cut, widely used
    Notes: price with 1 size cutter, 8mm
    5cutter CutterExtra 6mm,10mm
    One cutter only can cut one size
    6Blanching machineBlanching machineModel: TZ-2000
    Heating type: Electric
    Frame size: 2000500mm Water volume: 200L Capacity:200 kg/h weight: 200kg size:2200700*950mm
    Material: 304 stainless steel
    7Blanching machineQuick freezer
    8ConveyorConveyorDelivery value : 3-6m³/h
    Voltage : 380v
    Weight : 500kg
    9Two-heads weighterTwo-heads weighterPacking range : 50-2000g
    Packing speed : 1200-2000bags/h
    Total power : AC220V 50Hz 500W
    Total weight : 180kg
    Machine size : 1200*600*1900mm
    10Extra frame for De-oil machineExtra frame for de-oil machineQty : 2 sets
    Unit price : 90usd
    Hight : 300mm
    Diameter : 500mm
    Weight : 9 kg
    11Extra frame for frying machineExtra frame for frying machineQty : 2 sets
    Unit price : 80usd
    Size : 490*490*260mm
    Weight : 5.5kg

    What value-added services can we provide?

    1. QC: We have a strict quality control system. All the machines are made of 304 standard stainless steel, including all parts such as the frame, screws, bearings, etc. We have one year warranty. Before shipment, we will use a test potion to inspect each part and take a video to you.
    2. After-sales service : 24 hours online, lifetime maintenance.English Manual and video teaching.
    3. Electrical brand: Our motors and appliances use the best brands in China, we support custom Siemens motors. For machinery, the most important part is the electrical part. If the electrical appliance breaks down, the entire machine will have to stop working, so it is very important to choose a good electrical appliance.

    Quality assurance of our frozen French fries production line

    We have 2 years warranty, and exported many machines to different countries, like Iraq, Russia,Jordan, Sudan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabic and other countries. If machine have problem when you use.

    1. You provide feedback video to us,we will check what happened.
    2. If there is a problem with the machine due to an improper operation, we provide the parts for it’s original price for you.
    3. If not by man inappropriate behavior, we provide parts for free.
    4. Throughout the process, we will provide 24-hour online service to teach you how to replace parts, etc. we do our best for every service.
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