1T/H Fully-automatic Banana Chips Production Line

This 1T/H fully-automatic banana chips production line mainly consists of a cutting machine, hoister, frying machine, and other equipment.
1T/h Fully-automatic Banana Chips Production Line

This fully-automatic banana chips production line is configured according to the customer’s needs. It mainly consists of cutting machine, hoister, frying machine, shaking screen, picking table, air cooling machine and other equipment. We can also design and install banana chips lines if the customer requires other outputs.

Specification of banana chips production line equipment

16-well underpress slicer6-well underpress slicerPower : 1.1kw
Size : 900*600*1100mm
Inlet port : 6 holes
Slice size : 1.2mm-2mm
Material : 304 stainless steel
2HoistHoistPower : 0.55kw
Size : 1800*800*1300mm
Material : 304 stainless steel
Speed : adjustable
Material thickness : 2mm, square tube 50 * 50 * 2mm.
3Gas FryersHoistPower : 8.4kw
Size : 12000*1400*2300mm
Length : 12m, mesh width : 800mm
Burner : 3pcs
Configuration : 2600L oil storage tank + oil pump
Side scraping device
Inlet dispersion device
Electrical components : Schneider
Oil frying capacity : 1000kg/h
Material : 304 stainless steel 2.5mm thickness
4Vibrating screensVibrating screensPower : 0.36kw
Size : 1800*1100*1300mm
Thickness : 3mm, 304 stainless steel
Frame square tube : 100 * 50 * 6mm
Motor base is 6mm stainless steel plate
Adjustable amplitude
5Air-drying lineAir-drying linePower : 7.1kw
Size : 1800*1100*1300mm
Mesh belt width : 800mm
10 fans
6Picking linePicking linePower : 0.55kw
Size : 3000*800*800mm
PVC material
Adjustable conveying speed
7HoistHoistPower : 0.55kw
Size : 1800*800*1700mm
Lifting speed adjustable
304 stainless steel, 2mm thick
8Roller flavoring machineRoller flavoring machinePower : 1.5kw
Size : 2400*900*1600mm
Motor frequency conversion speed control
Drum speed adjustable
304 stainless steel 2mm.
9Fully automatic packaging machineFully automatic packaging machinePouch size : 22.5cm high14cm wide3cm thick, pack of 70g
Medium bag size : H30cm * H17cm * Thick 4cm, pack 140g
Large bag size : H35cm * H25cm * Thick 11cm, Pack of 418g

Power : 3kw
Size : 3200*2700*3200mm
1.14 weighing head
Single hopper weighing range 10-1200g
Max. speed 130 bags 1m
Automatic weighing, packing, sealing and coding
10Nitrogen making machineNitrogen making machinePower : 0.2kw
Size : 1200*600*1300mm
Flow rate of 3 cubic metres per hour.
Purity 99.9%, adjustable pressure 0.1 – 0.65 mpa.
Equipped with an air compressor with a pressure of 0.8 mpa and an output of 0.6 m3 per minute or more.
11Top and bottom sealerTop and bottom sealerCarton size : max size L60 * W50 * H38cm, top and bottom seal
Power : 0.24kw
Size : 1500*850*1350mm
Sealing speed : 0-18m / min
Sealing width : 150mm-500mm
Sealing height : 150mm-500mm
Sealing length : ≥150mm
Automatic sealing machine adopts self-adhesive tape to seal the carton and complete the up and down sealing action at the same time.

This is the 1 T / H fully automatic banana chips production line that we configured according to the needs of the customers. The banana chips processing lines configured by our company have been successfully sold to countries all over the world, such as Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Burundi, Philippines, etc.

If you want to invest in banana chips production line or have any questions about our equipment. Welcome to leave your message on our website, or call our website customer service phone number (Whatsapp) directly.

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