50KG/h fried banana chips plant | plantain chips making machine

fried banana chips plant
fried banana chips plant

The fried banana chips plant is a complete set of equipment for frying bananas. The raw material produced is bananas, which are processed through the frying banana line to make banana snacks. According to the needs of customers with different outputs, the factory configures production lines with different outputs. This production line is a 50 kg/h semi-automatic production line. Can be used in food processing plants, snack bars.

Fried banana chips
Fried Banana Chips

Fried banana chips process

This is a semi-automatic banana production line with a relatively small output, which is suitable for those who are starting the business of fried banana chips for the first time. The specific production process includes banana peeling → banana slices → frying → deoiling → seasoning → packaging. The following is the specific equipment for frying banana chips.

Fried banana chips making process
Fried Banana Chips Making Process

Fried banana chips plant slicer

The first step in the frying line of banana chips is to use a banana slicer. The banana slices need to be cut into thin and even slices. Special attention should also be paid to the selection of raw materials. It is not advisable to use bananas that are too ripe. It is best to use bananas that are just about to ripen. The riper the bananas, the sweeter the fried bananas, and the more brittle bananas that are mildly ripe. Therefore, when producing fried banana chips, you can choose bananas according to the taste of your own region.

Banana slicer of fried banana chips plant
Banana Slicer Of Fried Banana Chips Plant

Plantain chips making machine fryer

A banana slice frying machine is a machine for frying banana slices, the main function is to maintain the crunchy texture of bananas. The fryer is convenient to control the temperature during frying. And this fryer can fry a lot of raw materials, Our french fries line also uses this fryer.

Fried banana chips plant slicer
Fried Banana Chips Plant Fryer

Plantain chips deoiler

The banana slice deoiler is used to remove excess oil from the banana slices after frying so that the banana slices are more crispy and healthier to eat. The banana degreasing uses the centrifugal working principle, and the excess oil is removed by high-speed rotation.

Plantain chips deoiler
Plantain Chips Deoiler

Fried banana chip seasoning machine

The fried banana slice seasoning machine is a machine specially used for snack seasoning. The special structure of the machine makes the fried banana slices mix more evenly. In the process of use, you only need to mix the seasoning and banana slices in proportion. The automatic seasoning of the machine not only saves time and effort but also mixes the fried banana slices more evenly.

Banana chip seasoning machine
Banana Chip Seasoning Machine

Fried banana chips plant packaging machine

Plantain chips plant packaging machine
Plantain Chips Plant Packaging Machine

When packaging fried banana chips, we mainly want to maintain the crispy taste of banana chips, so we need to rush nitrogen into the packaging bag when packaging. This is also a reference to the packaging method of potato chips. This machine can not only Packaging puffs and vacuuming of meat and other products. Extend food shelf life.

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