Industrial Freezers for Frozen French Fries | Quick Freezing Machine

instant freezer for frozen french fries
instant freezer for frozen french fries

The industrial Frozen French Fries Freezer is a freezing device specialized for storing various foods that need to be frozen. This quick freezer is mainly used for the rapid refrigeration of food. And achieve the effect of keeping the nutrition of the food from losing and the taste fresh. In the french fries processing line, this instant freezer is mainly used for the rapid freezing of french fries.

Technical parameter of the french fries freezer machine

ModelTZ-178 LTZ-300 LTZ-650LTZ-900 LTZ-1100 L
Layers4-610-1120Customized 30
Lowest temperature-45℃-45℃-45℃-45℃-45℃
Shelf size400*600MM400*600MM400*600MM400*600MM400*600MM
Inner dimension720*400*600MM570*600*810MM1170*615*1019MM790*615*1740MM900*630*1735MM
Outer dimension880*740*1320MM800*1136*1614MM1400*1142*1872MM1500*1170*2070MM1637*1150*2068MM
Industrial frozen fries freezer from taizy machinery
Industrial frozen fries freezer from Taizy machinery

Why use a quick freezer to freeze french fries?

Most of the delicious french fries in our common fast-food restaurants are made by frying and seasoning semi-finished frozen fries, and KFC and McDonald’s fries are no exception. Then why use an instant freezer to freeze the fries?

First of all, the process of making french fries is more complicated, and it is difficult for fast-food restaurants to make fries quickly in 10 minutes. Normally, semi-finished fries are made by the factory. Then refrigerate with the blast freezing machine. Finally, the frozen french fries are delivered to large and small fast-food shops and restaurants in batches.

Main functions of the instant freezer for keeping fries

After quick-frozen processing, the fries can reduce the activity of water in its matrix, inhibit the activities of microorganisms and many enzymes, reduce the speed of various chemical and biochemical reactions, slow down the speed of decay and deterioration of the fries.

Fresh frozen french fries with the quick freezer
fresh frozen french fries with the quick freezer

And thereby maintain the original fries Some freshness, color, flavor, and nutritional ingredients. This is not only the characteristics of other quick-frozen foods but also an important reason why quick-freezing machines are selling well in the market.

How industrial freezers work?

The refrigerating space of the quick freezer is from -45 ° C to 0 ° C. Its working principle is similar to that of air conditioners, that is, heat absorption by vaporization and heat release by liquefaction.

When the instant freezing machine works, it uses a compressor to compress the gaseous Freon into a high-temperature and high-pressure gaseous Freon, and then sends it to the condenser to dissipate the heat into a liquid Freon at normal temperature and high pressure. So the condenser is blowing hot air. Then to the capillary and into the evaporator.

After the Freon reaches the evaporator from the capillary tube, space suddenly increases and the pressure decreases. The liquid Freon will evaporate and become a gaseous low-temperature Freon, which absorbs a large amount of heat and the evaporator will become cold. Finally, cooling or air cooling is used to achieve rapid temperature reduction in the room (box).

Packaged frozen french fries
packaged frozen french fries

The application features of frozen french fries freezing machine

1. This commercial blast freezer is widely used in many food processing fields, especially for use in the frozen french fries production line.

2. This quick freezer has many different types in the Taizy factory. Generally, the model of the machine is determined according to its capacity. For example, the batch capacity of the quick freezer cabinet of the model TZ-300 L is 300L.

3. According to different materials, the fries freezer machine can set different freezing temperatures and required time. When making frozen fries, the freezing time of each batch of fries is about 20-30 minutes, and the temperature is about -45 ° C. Frozen fries are not easy to stick and are convenient for packaging.

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