Integrated Potato Washing Peeling and Slicing Machine

integrated potato washing peeling and slicing machine
integrated potato washing peeling and slicing machine

The integrated type potato washing peeling and slicing machine is the very practical equipment for a small scale frozen french fries line. This commercial potato cutter machine has high working efficiency for pre-processing of all kinds of potatoes, radishes, sweet potatoes, etc.

Technical parameters of integrated potato washing peeling and slicing machine

Potato washing and peeling machine details
potato washing and peeling machine details

Classifications of the potato washer and peeler machine

The automatic cleaning and peeling machine have a large market demand. Because of its compact structure and high work efficiency, it is very suitable for frozen fries and potato chips production lines with an output of 50kg / h to 150kg / h.

In addition, according to different customer needs, we have designed this device uniquely. And designed two common types of customers.

1.The washing and peeling only type

The electric washing machine has both potato cleaning and peeling functions and is very suitable for semi-automatic French fries and potato chips processing lines with small capacities. Except for the internal structure of the motor and the cleaning bucket, the machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is very durable.

Electric potato washer and peeler
electric potato washer and peeler

The cleaning bucket of this automatic potato cleaning and peeling machine uses advanced silicon carbide material inside, which is very resistant to wear. In addition, the internal friction surface is optimally designed according to different potato types, which can achieve the effect of rapid cleaning and peeling to the greatest extent.

2.The integrated washing peeling and slicing type

This multifunctional potato cleaning and slicing equipment is very suitable for small-yield but highly automated fries and potato chips production lines and various restaurants.

Multifunctional potato washer and slicer
multifunctional potato washer and slicer

It adds a high-speed cutting knife to the former device, which can quickly cut the cleaned and peeled potatoes into strips and chips. Moreover, the size of the potato cut can be adjusted by adjusting the cutter gap.

Precautions for using the integrated potato washing and slicing machine

  1. Before starting the machine, the user should carefully check the machine for any debris in the washing bucket.
  2. When the potato washer is working, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the cleaning bucket.
  3. Before cleaning and disassembling the machine, first, disconnect the power supply to stop the machine.
  4. To ensure the safety of the production process, the machine must be reliably grounded.
  5. The bearing of the automatic potato peeling and slicing machine should be changed every three months.
  6. During the use of the machine, please do not press the switch with wet hands.
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