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banana chips slicer
banana chips slicer

This down-pressed type potato chip slicing machine is the manual type chips cutter machine. And it is very practical for slicing various fruits and vegetables at a fast speed. Besides, this commercial potato chip slicer is widely used for potato chips production line. The final slices from this machine have even thickness.

Technical parameter of the potato chips slicing machine

Potato chip slicer machine with stainless steel
potato chip slicer machine with stainless steel

Main applications of the press-type potato chip slicer machine

1. For most food processing plants and restaurants, this fast slicer is a real good helper. Because the speed of the machine is very fast, and the thickness of the slice is uniform, it can completely replace the manual slice. In this way, the production efficiency of various types of food processed by the machine is improved, and a lot of processing time and labor can be saved.

2. In addition, this multifunctional potato chip slicer is also crucial for the entire semi-automatic potato chip production line. Because the slicer’s slicing efficiency is 5 times that of manual slicing, and the slice thickness can be adjusted according to customer needs.

Commercial potato chip slicing machine for sale
commercial potato chip slicing machine for sale

Use precautions of potato chips cutter machine

  1. Potato high-speed slicer maintenance work must be carried out with the power off. In addition, the microtome workplace should be kept clean. Good lighting is also an important prerequisite for the safe operation of potato chip slicers.
  2. Clean the slicer after each use. Make sure that the machine is clean and free of residue from foodstuffs and materials.
  3. Before turning on the power of the machine, first, turn the dial with your hand and observe if there is any bump. After that, activate the switch and observe from the entrance whether the cutter rotates counterclockwise.
  4. When cutting with a microtome, do not put in stone or metal material to prevent the blade from being damaged.
  5. The machine should be cut before normal work, and observe whether the specifications of the cut potato chips are consistent with the requirements. Otherwise, adjust the position of the blade and the height of the turntable until the adjustment is correct before starting normal work.
  6. After using the potato chip slicing equipment for a period of time, check whether the screws in various parts are loose. If looseness is found, tighten the screws in time; if the screws appear slipping, replace them with new ones.
  7. When the machine has abnormal operation and noise, it must be stopped and checked immediately. After troubleshooting, turn it on again. When the slicer is not used for a long time, please keep it in a dry and ventilated place.
Cutting effect of the potato chip slicer
Cutting Effect Of The Potato Chip Slicer

Advantages of using the electric potato chip slicing machine

  1. All parts of this potato slicer are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, very resistant to wear and corrosion.
  2. The machine is designed with four inlets with different diameters, which can be used for slicing materials of different sizes.
  3. The microtome is easy to operate and easy to maintain and clean. In addition, the thickness of the slice can be adjusted freely, and the adjustment and replacement of the blade are very simple.

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