Vacuum Packaging Machine for Chips and Fries

potato chips packaging machine
potato chips packaging machine

The commercial vacuum packaging machine for potato chips and frozen french fries is very practical for the chips and fries lines. This vacuum packaging machine can not only perform vacuum packaging but also can do nitrogen filling packaging.

Technical parameter of the chips and fries packaging machine

TZ-400500*5000.75Vacuum + nitrogen filling, single chamber
TZ-4001100*5001.5Vacuum + nitrogen filling, double chamber
TZ-5001200*6002.2Vacuum + nitrogen filling, double chamber
TZ-6001300*7003Vacuum + nitrogen filling, double chamber
TZ-8001700*9004Vacuum + nitrogen filling, double chamber
Fries and chips vacuum packaging machines are in stock
fries and chips vacuum packaging machines are in stock

The main structure of vacuum sealer machine for frozen french fries

Frozen fries vacuum packaging machine is composed of five parts: vacuum cover, vacuum working room, main body, electrical part, and vacuum system. There is a set of heating devices inside its vacuum cover.

In addition, the heating element is a nickel-chromium belt, which is mounted on a heat-sealing bracket. It is insulated from the vacuum chamber, and the heat-seal bracket is closely attached to the airbag.

Depending on the size of the customer’s processing volume, the automatic packaging machine also has many different models and specifications. Commonly used in the market are single-chamber vacuum packaging machines and double-chamber vacuum packaging machines.

Double-chamber vacuum packaging machine
double-chamber vacuum packaging machine

Among them, the single-chamber packaging machine has a small processing volume and is suitable for small restaurants and homes. The double-chamber vacuum packaging machine has a large output, which is very suitable for commercial use, especially in large-scale production of fries, potato chips, and other food factories.

Commercial vacuum packaging machine features

Standard quality vacuum packaging machines often use 2-4mm thick stainless steel plates as materials. If the packaging machine is made of thin material, then when the vacuum pressure is high, it is easy to cause welding cracks and vacuum chamber leakage.

The stretch films used in vacuum packaging machines are mainly food-grade films. The packaging bag is generally packed with a composite bag. The composite material is polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, etc. Generally, use PET/PE.

Working process of vacuum packer machine
working process of vacuum packer machine

In a frozen french fries production line, the vacuum packaging machine is often used to pack those french fries that have been frozen in an instant freezer or those that have not been frozen. The main purpose is to better preserve the fries, extend its shelf life, and also facilitate long-distance transportation of large quantities of fries products.

In potato chip production lines, this machine is generally used as the last processing step. It can vacuum process the packaged potato chip products, and then fill it with an appropriate amount of nitrogen to make the packaging bag appear in an expanded state. This will ensure that the potato chips are not easily broken during storage and transportation.

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