100KG/H Automatic Frozen French Fries Production Plant

100kg per hour frozen french fries plant
100kg per hour frozen french fries plant

The small frozen fries line has lower investing budget, flexible production process, fast income and high profit points. Therefore, many investors will choose small and semi-automatic French fries processing business. The following is a 100kg/h frozen French fries production line that we have formulated according to the customer’s needs.

NoEquipment nameEquipment picturesPowerDimension
1Hoist (manual speed control)Hoist (manual speed control)0.55kw/380v/50Hz1500x800x1600mm
2Washing and peeling machineWashing and peeling machine4.37kw/380v/50Hz2800x900x1500mm
3Picking line (manual speed control)Picking line (manual speed control)0.75kw/380v/50Hz3000x800x900mm
4French fries machineFrench fries machine1.1kw/380v/50Hz950x800x950mm
5Water bucket hoistWater bucket hoist0.55kw/380v/50Hz1500x800x1500mm
6Impurities removing machineWater bucket hoist1.1kw/380v/50Hz2400x1000x1300mm
7Rinsing lineRinsing line2.95kw/380v/50Hz3000x1200x1300mm
8Blanching lineBlanching line60kw/380v/50Hz3500x1200x1400mm
9Vibratory water removal machineVibratory water removal machine0.5kw/380v/50Hz1800x1000x900mm
10Air-cooled dewatering machineAir-cooled dewatering machine6.5kw/380v/50Hz3000x1200x1400mm
12Electrically heated oil frying lineElectrically heated oil frying line80kw/380v/50Hz4000x1200x2400mm
13Vibratory oil removal machineVibratory oil removal machine0.5kw/380v/50Hz1500x1000x1300mm
14Air-drying lineAir-drying line6.5kw/380v/50Hz3000x1200x1600mm
16Fluidized quick-freezing machineFluidized quick-freezing machine15kw/380v/50Hz9000x3300x3000mm
17Ten weighing head automatic packaging machineTen weighing head automatic packaging machine6kw/380v/50Hz3000x3000x2600mm

French fries have become a popular snack nowadays and are sold all over the world. The frozen French fries production line equipment manufactured by our company has been successfully sold to Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and other countries. If you want to invest in French fries production line or have any questions about our equipment. Welcome to leave your message on our website, or call our website customer service phone number (Whatsapp) directly.

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