Air Dryer | Cooling Machine for Chips and Fries

commercial air dryer and cooler machine
commercial air dryer and cooler machine

This continuous air dryer machine has the functions of cooling and drying. It is mostly used in the production line for making potato chips and french fries. This air-cooling and drying machine is the common supporting equipment for the mass production of chips and fries in a fully-automatic line.

Technical parameter of the continuous air dryer


Brief introduction of air drying and cooling machine

The air dryer machine is commonly used in vacuum bags and small packages in the food industry, as well as dewatering and air drying in other food processing processes. When the machine is working, the product is fed into the conveyor mesh belt of the machine through an automatic conveying device. Then the residual water drops on the surface of the material are removed in time by the strong wind.

Air dryer in the food processing line
air dryer in the food processing line

The main structure of the commercial air dryer

The automatic air cooling machine used for the production of fries and chips is mainly composed of a frame, a fan, a conveyor belt, a motor, a reduction motor, and a PLC control system.

The conveyor mesh belt of this commercial air dryer can usually be designed into various forms according to the actual needs of customers. There are two types of flat mesh belt and folded mesh belt. Flat mesh belt air dryer is usually suitable for processing large area materials, such as vegetable leaves, bean skin, potato chips, etc. The air dryer with folding mesh belt is more suitable for packaging products that are not easily damaged.

Chips and fries drying and cooling machines are in stock
chips and fries drying and cooling machines are in stock

In addition, the fan on the potato chip air dryer can also be designed in different styles, usually, it can be designed as the upper fan, the lower fan, and the side fan. Different forms of design are designed to meet different customer needs. Customers can consult our professionals when choosing.

Features of the chips and fries drying machine

1. In the automatic potato chip production line and automatic potato chip production line, the air dryer and cooler is mainly used to quickly cool and air dry the potato chips and potato chips after blanching, which is convenient for subsequent production links.

2. The body of the air dryer is made of 304 stainless steel. The speed of the conveyor can be adjusted by adjusting its frequency converter. The machine’s air-drying effect is very good. The air-dried products can be labeled or directly boxed. The air dryer runs smoothly, has a high degree of automation, and has high efficiency. Its dimensions can be designed and customized according to customer requirements.

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