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automatic green banana peeling machine
automatic green banana peeling machine

The banana peeling machine is very efficient for peeling off the green banana skins. And this automatic green banana peeler is necessary for the fried banana chips processing lines.

Where to use the green banana peeler machine?

We may not use banana peelers when eating bananas. This commercial banana peeler is usually used for the banana product processing aspect. This machine is indispensable especially in the processing line of fried banana chips, such as the semi-automatic fried banana chips production line and the fully-automatic fried banana chip processing line.

Fried banana chips
fried banana chips

Brief description of the automatic banana peeling machine

For making banana chips in lines with different processing capacities, the selections of the banana peeling machine are also different. The Taizy green banana peeler machines are mainly manufactured with two types: the single-inlet type banana peeler and the double-inlet type banana peeler.

Classifications of Taizy banana peeling machines

1. Single-inlet type banana peeler machine

Technical parameter

Voltage: 380v/220v

Power: 0.4 kw

Capacity: 100kg/h

Weight: 94kg

Dimension: 950*730*930mm

Electric banana peeling machine
Electric Banana Peeling Machine

The structure of this green banana peeler machine is reasonable and easy to operate. Its parts are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which is very durable. This electric green banana peeling machine is often used in a semi-automatic banana slice production line. The machine needs manual feeding, the peeling speed is very fast, and the peeled banana pulp is clean and complete.

Working video of banana peeling machine

2. Double-inlet type banana peeling machine

Technical parameter

Voltage: 380v/220v

Power: 0.8 kw

Capacity: 300kg/h

Weight: 230kg

Dimension: 2100*1060*1040mm


This slightly larger banana peeler is ideal for large-scale fried banana chip processing lines. Compared to the previous banana peeler, this machine has been optimally designed with an additional inlet, so its processing volume is large.

Its two feeding openings have different diameters, so bananas of various sizes can be peeled quickly with this machine. When using this commercial green banana peeler, two workers are usually required to feed manually.

Green banana peeling effect with banana peelers
green banana peeling effect with banana peelers
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