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potato washing machine for sale
potato washing machine for sale

This automatic potato washing machine also named the roller type washer, large yield potato washing equipment. It is the commercial cleaning machine for washing and peeling bulks of potatoes for the food processing plants. Especially, this potato washer is very practical for use in the potato chips and fries processing lines.

Technical parameter of the potato washing machine

ModelRoller length(mm)Power(kw)

Structure of the automatic potato washer

The shape of the washing machine is a box structure, except for the built-in motor, all the materials are high-quality 304 stainless steel. Besides, The entire machine, including the frame, chain, sprocket, and even each screw and nut are made of stainless steel, which can ensure that the potato washing machine has a longer service life.

Bulks of potatoes washing with the automatic washer machine
bulks of potatoes washing with the automatic washer machine

The main structure of this automatic potato cleaning machine includes rack, cleaning tank, hair roller (multiple), built-in motor, spray water pipe, side discharge port, lower slag discharge port, discharge control device, power switch, fixed feet (or universal wheels), etc. Therefore, it has a very reasonable and compact structure and beautiful appearance.

Various brushes for the potato washing machine
various brushes for the potato washing machine

The main application range of potato washing machine

The roller type automatic washing machine is a multifunctional potato processing equipment. It has two functions of automatic cleaning and peeling. Due to the trough-shaped design, this machine is very suitable for cleaning rhizome materials.

Potato washer in the processing line
potato washer in the processing line

This electric potato washing machine can quickly clean the materials, remove the sediment and hair on the surface, and further peel. Materials suitable for cleaning and peeling with this machine are: potatoes, sweet potatoes, ginger, carrots, yam, various types of seafood (fish scale removal and impurity removal), etc.

Maintenance methods of automatic potato washing machine

Any processing of equipment needs maintenance during long-term use. The daily maintenance of this large-yield potato washing machine is very simple, just pay attention to the following adjustments.

Automatic potato washing machine details
automatic potato washing machine details

1. The first is the adjustment of the machine chain.
This adjustment is made after the motor has stopped. When making adjustments, press the chain with your fingers in the middle of the two sprockets. The standard compression value is generally between 4 and 9 mm. Once it exceeds the standard value, we must adjust the idler to the specified tightness in time.

2. The second is the replacement of transmission oil. In daily use, pay attention to check, refuel and change the oil of the continuously variable gearbox of the automatic washing machine. And the adjustment method is: first of all, stop the motor and remove the oil detection plug in the absence of an open flame; the oil just flows out to an appropriate amount, and it should be replenished in time when it is insufficient.

Dates washing with the brush type of washing machine
dates washing with the brush type of washing machine

3. The third is the adjustment of the belt. The adjustment method is: after the machine motor is stopped, in the middle of the pulley, use the fingers (middle and index fingers) to press the belt compression amount to 7-12mm as the standard value. When it is larger than the standard value, the idler should be adjusted to the specified tightness in time.

Competitive features of the electric potato washer

1. The multifunctional vegetable and fruit washing equipment have a wide range of applications. In addition to being widely used in fries and potato chips processing lines, it can also be used alone in many food processing plants.

Washing effect of various root vegetables
washing effect of various root vegetables

2. Application advantages of this commercial potato cleaning machine: compact structure, simple operation, high work efficiency as well as a good cleaning and peeling effect.

3. The machine has multiple models, customers can choose according to their actual production needs. Moreover, according to different cleaning materials, the hair roller device inside the machine can be replaced with a hard or soft brush, and the replacement method is also simple.

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