Full-automatic Chip and Fry Packaging Machine

automatic potato chips and fries packaging machine
automatic potato chips and fries packaging machine

This fully automatic intelligent packaging machine is the best equipment for packaging potato chips and chips in large quantities. This commercial chips and fries packaging machine is often used in large potato chip production plants. The breakage rate of products packaged by this automatic weighing packaging machine is very low, and the packaging speed is very fast.

Large potato chips processing plants with the automatic packer
large potato chips processing plants with the automatic packer

Description of the automatic weighing chip and fry packaging machine

The automatic weighing packaging machine is also called the combination weighing bucket packaging machine. According to different packaging outputs, the modified packaging machine can be divided into the double-bucket packaging machine, the four-bucket packaging machine, the ten-bucket packaging machine, the twelve-bucket packaging machine and so on.

Potato chips packaging process
potato chips packaging process

Among them, the sales volume is the best, and the type with the largest number of customers is the ten-bucket automatic weighing packaging machine.

Double-bucket packaging machine and four-bucket packaging machine

For small potato chips and chips processing plants, small and medium-sized potato chip packaging machines can meet their production needs. The double-bucket packaging machine and four-bucket packaging machine are very suitable for small potato chips and chips production line.

This small-volume potato chips automatic packaging machine has the advantages of affordable price, high production efficiency, automatic weighing, and simple operation. In addition, when packaging potato chips, chips, and other fragile food, we can also use automatic coding machine and nitrogen filling equipment.

Ten-bucket automatic weighing packaging machine for chips and fries

The full-automatic potato chips and chips packaging machine has a large volume and is very suitable for large food processing plants, especially suitable for large-scale potato chips and fries processing plants.

Its main structure includes fully automatic vertical packaging machine, ten-head computer combination scale, supporting platform, Z-type material conveyor (with vibrating device), finished product conveyor, etc.

Working process of the large chip fry packaging machine

This automatic packaging machine is equipped with ten hoppers (with automatic weighing function). When working, the materials such as french fries and potato chips are lifted to a ten-head combination scale by a bucket elevator.

Packaging effect of various food
packaging effect of various food

After automatic measurement by the combination scale, it is packaged by the bag-type packaging machine. The packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of potato chips, french fries, candies, rice, beans, coarse grains, nuts, rice crackers, puffed food, and other granular items.

Technical parameter of the intelligent ten-bucket packaging machine

Weighing scale10g-3000g
The weighing accuracy±0.5-2g
Maximum speed70 times/min
The power supply220v,50hz,1.5kw
Hopper capacity2.5L
Display size10.4inches

Working video of the chips and fries packaging machine

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