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various potato chips and fries frying machines of Taizy
various potato chips and fries frying machines of Taizy

Taizy combines the latest four types of high-efficiency frying machines on the international market, namely frame fryer(deep fryer), automatic fryer(batch fryer), continuous fryer, and vacuum fryer. All these machines can be used for frying potato chips, french fry, banana chips and other kinds of fried food.

Why Taizy manufactured various fryer machines?

As fried foods become more and more popular, the market prospect of fried machines is also getting better. Especially the annual consumption of potato chips and fries in the world has been on the rise.

Yummy chips made by the fryer machines
Yummy chips made by the fryer machines

As a very powerful food machinery manufacturer, Taizy not only focuses on the research and development of fries and chips machinery but also pays close attention to market trends. Therefore, it has continuously updated its manufacturing crafts and developed a series of advanced frying machines.

Classifications of Taizy frying machines for fried food

The hot-sale fryer machines in Taizy machinery are mainly the following four types: frame type fryer, automatic batch fryer, continuous mesh type fryer, and the vacuum fryer machine. And all these frying machines can be designed with both the electric heating and gas heating.

Frame type deep fryer machine

Technical parameter of frame fryer (electric heating)

Various frame deep fryers
various frame deep fryers

The electric frame deep fryer machine is the most used frying machine for processing various fried food, such as donuts, potato chips, french fries, banana chips, etc. To meet different customer demands, this machine can be a single chamber, two chambers, three chambers, four chambers, five chambers, six chambers or more.

Technical parameter of frame fryer(gas heating)


The gas heating type deep fryer should match with a burner when used. The burner is actually a big lighter to ignite the liquified gas when heating the oil. This type of fryer is suitable for those customers with less electricity supply.

Automatic discharging fryer machine

Technical parameter of automatic fryer machine (electric heating)

Automatic fryer machines with different types
automatic fryer machines with different types

This automatic discharging fryer machine is the practical batch fryer for processing fried food. Its frying pot is normally designed with the square shape or the round shape. After chips and fries frying, the inner chamber can be lifted for automatic discharging.

Technical parameter of automatic discharging fryer machine (gas heating)


The gas-heating automatic fryer machine has the same structure and processing capacity as the electric one. But their heating method is different. This type of frying machine also needs a burner when using.

Continuous mesh type frying machine

Technical parameter of continuous fryer machine (electric heating)

ModelDimension(mm)Weight(kg)Power(kw)Capacity(kg/h)Mesh belt width(mm)
Continuous fryer machine for large scale production of chips and fries
continuous fryer machine for large scale production of chips and fries

This continuous fryer is the big type of frying machine with a mesh belt structure. With the great advantages of large yield and easy operation, this machine is widely used in the fully-automatic potato chips production lines and the french fry processing lines. Besides, all the parts in this fryer are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel.

Technical parameter of mesh type continuous frying machine (gas heating)


This gas-fired continuous fryer will be a good choice for customers in areas with insufficient electricity or more expensive electricity. The heat generated by the burner igniting the combustible gas will quickly heat up the heating tube inside the fryer, and then the heating tube will transfer heat to the oil and increase the oil temperature. And, the oil temperature is controllable.

Vacuum fryer machine

Technical parameter

Data \ ModelTZ-1200
Capacity (kg/batch)200-240
Time(min/batch)About 40
Ultimate vacuum(MPa)-0.1
Oil temperature(℃)80~120
Heating resourceHeating methodSteam
Consumption volume(kg/h)250
Steam pressure(MPa)0.3~0.5
Heat recycling wayExternal circulation of oil pump
Deoiling efficiency (n/min)0~400
Cooling water volume(T/h)40
Dimension (mm)5800*2000*3700
Vacuum fryer machines for crisp food
vacuum fryer machines for crisp food

The vacuum fryer machine is the lastest type of frying machine in the market. It is especially good for frying all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and meat. This vacuum fryer has very prominent use advantages: it can retain the nutrition, color, and taste of the food to the greatest extent. Besides, this food fried by this frying machine will be crisper.

Main features of the chips and fries fryer machines in Taizy

1. All frying equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, which has the advantages of long service life, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and no pollution to food.

2. In addition to vacuum fryer, the above three types of fryer: frame fryer, automatic fryer, and continuous fryer can all be designed as the gas heating type and electric heating type. In addition, these fryers have different models and outputs, and customers can choose according to their actual production needs.

Burner and heating pipes for the fryer machine
burner and heating pipes for the fryer machine

3. If you need, just tell us your needs, we can recommend the best fryer for you, and we can customize the machine according to your production plant and requirements. All of our frying equipment is multifunctional, in addition to processing chips and chips, we can also process other fried products such as peanuts, donuts, chicken legs, vegetables, etc.

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