Multifunctional Potato Cutting Machine

wave potato chips cutting machine
wave potato chips cutting machine

The multi-functional potato cutting machine is the latest type of vegetable cutter manufactured by Taizy. This stainless potato slicer can not only cut potatoes into wave chips, flat chips, and strips but also can cut all kinds of vegetables and fruits into cubes, chops, strips, and chips.

Various potato cutting effect
various potato cutting effect

Potato-cutting machine parameter


Description of the potato cutting machines

The utility of this vegetable cutter is very strong, thinking that its working efficiency is very high. Its mechanism design is very compact, the main structure includes two material inlets, cutting blades, material outlets, a frame, an electrical control device, and an electromagnetic safety protection device. The machine can quickly cut potatoes into wavy potato chips with a thickness of 2 mm and flat potato chips.

Automatic potato cutting machine for sale
automatic potato cutting machine for sale

The size of potato products that can be cut by potato cutting machine

Slice specification:1-10mm(Customizable wave shape)

Dice specifications:6, 8,10,12,15,20,25mm

Strip specifications:2,3,4,5,6,8mm( 10mm can be customized)

Upgraded multi-functional potato slicer machine

In order to make the potato slicer more intelligent and practical, but also to meet the production needs of more customers. We have optimized and upgraded this microtome and added another cutting system on the original basis. In this way, customers can not only use the machine to slice bulbous vegetables and fruits but also cut most leafy vegetables.

Upgraded version of multifunctional potato slicer
The upgraded version of the multifunctional potato slicer

Main features of the potato-cutting machine

1. This newly designed multifunctional cutting machine can replace various cutter heads. Usually, customers who deal in food processing will choose multiple sets of cutting plates when they buy our machine, which is used to make various kinds of vegetable cubes, strips, and slices. Moreover, the replacement and cleaning of the cutting plates are very simple.

Replaceable cutter plates
Replaceable cutter plates

2. The potato cutting machine is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, so it has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life. In addition, the processing efficiency of this potato slicer is very high, and it is often used in the production of various french fries and potato chips.

Vegetable cutting effect of the multifunctional cutter
vegetable cutting effect of the multifunctional cutter

3. The slice thickness of this microtome is usually 2mm. If the customer has special needs, we can also customize the potato-cutting machine according to customer requirements. Vegetables and fruit cubes, strips, and chips processed by the slicer have uniform thickness and uniform size.

Working video of the electric potato-cutting machine

multifunctional potato cutter
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