crisp potato chips making business

How is the potato chips making business profit?

Many people like to eat crispy potato chips, although we can make delicious potato chips at home, we eat the most packaged potato chips from the market. Therefore, it is very profitable to invest in potato chips making business. Then, how is the potato chips making business profit?

potato chips making machine for small business

Potato chips making machine for small business

Complete potato chips making machines as well as the industrial potato chips production line, is a potato chip processing program that many small and medium-sized potato chip processors will choose. Especially, the small-scale potato chips plant is very suitable for the small potato chips making business with low costs and high profits.

plantain chips business with plantain chips making machine

How can I make more money on plantain chips business?

With the popularity of healthy eating, plantain chips and banana chips have become popular snacks on the market. Investors close to banana and plantain production areas have started to invest in plantain chips business. But how do we run a plantain chips plant to make more money?

commercial potato slicer machine for shipping to South Africa

Two commercial potato cutters exported to South Africa

The commercial potato cleaning, peeling and slicing machine is widely used in the vegetable and fruit processing industry. This equipment can not only be used in restaurants and food processing plants for deep processing of fruits and vegetables, but also can be used in the French fries production line to process French fries. Recently, our factory exported two potato cutters with a capacity of 150kg/h to South Africa.

potato chips line for shipping

500kg/h potato chips line installed in Saudi Arabia

The scale of the potato chip production line can be customized. Customers often buy 100kg/h potato chip line, 200kg/h potato chip line, 300kg/h potato chip line, 500kg/h potato chip line and 1000kg/h potato chip line. The production of potato chips is often directly related to customer demand and customer budget. Recently, our factory exported a 500kg/h potato chip processing line to Saudi Arabia.

potato chips and fries processing

Can French fries be stored in the refrigerator?

French fries are a deep-fried snack, generally eaten hot after being fried. Because the French fries will become soft and lose their crispy taste after a long time. So, can French fries be stored in the refrigerator? Should French fries be frozen or refrigerated during storage?

potato washing peeling and slicing machine

FAQ of Industrial Potato Washing Machine

Industrial potato cleaning machines are also called potato cleaning and peeling machines. In addition, the machine also has an automatic slicing function. Our factory has been manufacturing and exporting high-quality potato processing equipment for more than 10 years and has accumulated many common problems from customers. If you have any questions about the potato washing machine, please contact us.

vacuum fryer machines for crisp food

How to select suitable vacuum fryer equipment?

Vacuum fryer is a new type of food processing equipment. It is more and more widely used, not only in the catering industry, but also in our families. The vacuum fryer plays a very important role in making fried vegetables and fried fruit slices. So, how do we choose a suitable vacuum frying equipment?

Taizy banana chips making machine for sale

100kg/h banana chips production line shipped to Ghana

As a ready-to-eat nutritious snack, fried banana chips have become increasingly popular in the market. Recently, customers from many African countries have ordered our small banana chips production line to produce fried plantain chips and banana chips, such as Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana.

homemade banana chips

How to make banana chips at home?

Banana chips are mainly divided into high-temperature baked banana chips and fried banana chips. We can use commercial fried banana chips production lines to produce nutritious banana chips on a large scale. In addition, we can also make delicious banana chips at home. So, how to make banana chips at home?

potatoes for making french fries

Why do large French fries plants cultivate special potatoes?

Many well-known French fries brands and French fries processing plants choose to grow special potato varieties in order to ensure their good taste. The fries produced by the excellent potato varieties are golden in color and crisp in taste, and are more popular in the market.

The daily fries diet in Belgium

Why do European countries call for more French fries consumption?

Under the epidemic, the economy and people’s lives in many countries have been affected to a certain extent. Among them, the consumption of French fries popular in European and American countries has also been seriously reduced. In order to reduce the waste of potatoes, European countries have advocated eating more French fries.

French fries processing on the streets of Belgium

What are the characteristics of Belgian Frites?

Belgium is the world’s favorite country to eat French fries. Therefore, Belgian frites are famous for their unique appearance, processing methods, and tastes. So what are the characteristics of Belgian frites?

automatic frozen french fries line in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s Large French Fries Line Has Been Put Into Production

Many Southeast Asian countries have been our important fries machine sales market, such as Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Thailand and so on. Recently, our Bangladesh customer told us that the large french fries line at his factory has officially entered production.

french fries machines are in stock of Taizy factory

Is It A Matter for Choosing A French Fries Machine Manufacturer Locally and Abroad?

For those who want to invest in the French fries processing industry and expect huge profits, it is very important to choose a reliable manufacturer of French fries machines. But where to choose a professional French fries maker needs to spend some time to consider and select. And is it a matter for choosing a french fries machine manufacturer locally and abroad?

various Lay's potato chips

Why Did PepsiCo Consider Establishing a Potato Chip Plant in China?

PepsiCo announced an investment of US $ 50 million (about 346 million yuan), invested in a large potato chip processing plant in Sichuan, China, and purchased a large amount of Taizy potato chip processing equipment. Why did PepsiCo consider establishing a potato chip factory in China?

french fries frying with a deep fryer

Precautions for Using the French Fry Fryer Machine

Commercial frying machines are very practical in the fries processing industry. Especially the continuous fryer is already the must-have equipment for large-scale french fries plant. When using a French fry fryer machine, understanding the precise usage and precautions can make the processing of French fries more efficient.

potato chips processing in Lebanon

Market Prospects for Lebanon Potato Chips Processing

Developing production according to local conditions is a very effective way to develop the economy. In Lebanon, making full use of local potato resources to produce delicious potato chips is a good investment. So, how is the market prospect of potato chips processing in Lebanon?

Taizy potato chips and fries machine factory

Main features of a Trusted French Fries Machine Manufacturer?

For investors who are new to the French fries processing industry, how to choose a reliable manufacturer of French fries machines is very important. Choosing a good french fries machine manufacturer can ensure the good operation of the equipment and the smooth progress of french fries production, and the maximum benefit of investors.

Lay's potato chips

Analysis of Marketing Strategy of Lay’s Potato Chips

When it comes to potato chips, many people think of delicious Lay’s potato chips. So, if we want to use potato chips making plant to produce potato chips in large quantities, how can we be as successful as Lay’s? Perhaps you can benefit from the marketing strategy of Lay’s potato chips.

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