Egypt Customers Visited and Bought A Complete French Fries Line

customer visiting french fries machine factory

We have exported many french fries processing machines to foreign countries. This is not only because of the large market for french fries lines but also because our frozen french fries machines are of good quality and have established a good reputation in this field.

At present, our French fries machine factory has welcomed several customers from Egypt. They visited our factory in detail, asked about the details of frozen french fries production, and finally purchased a full set of french fries processing line with the capacity of 300kg/h.

Yummy french fries made by french fry machines
yummy french fries made by french fry machines

What are the advantages of developing French fries production in Egypt?

1. Rich and cheap raw materials. In fact, many African countries are rich in potatoes, especially some North African countries. Egypt ’s annual potato production is large, and most of it is exported.

2. Potato utilization in Egypt is very low. Most potatoes are exported to other countries, and prices are low. The use of French fries processing equipment to produce delicious fries on a large scale can increase their added value and improve economic efficiency.

3. The labor force in Egypt is abundant. Some French fries producers can purchase semi-automatic French fries production lines and use labor to replace part of the production process, which can reduce investment costs.

Taizy factory for manufacturing of chips and fries machines
Taizy factory for manufacturing of chips and fries machines

Details of the Egypt frozen french fries line purchasing process

This is a new customer introduced by the Egyptian customer we have worked with previously. The previous Egyptian customer ordered a fries processing line with a capacity of 150kg/h from us in 2018, and now it has achieved profitability.

There were a total of 3 Egyptian customers who visited our factory in this group. We received them from the airport on time and took them directly to our fries equipment manufacturing plant. They are partners and mainly want to invest in a semi-automatic fries production line.

Having visited the actual French fries production site, these Egyptian customers have high expectations for our machines and have prepared many details about the production of French fries. Our engineers have answered their questions seriously. The client expressed that he wanted to invest in production equipment with a larger output.

Based on the client’s plant area and investment budget, we recommended to them a semi-automatic fries line with a yield of 300 kg / h. Moreover, we also carefully analyzed the situation of the French fries market with our customers. Customers are very satisfied with our services and machines. In the end, they happily signed a contract with us.

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