100KG/H Small Potato Chips Processing Plant

100kg per hour potato chips processing plant
100kg per hour potato chips processing plant

The 100kg/h potato chips processing plant is the small and medium-sized potato chip processing equipment. The main functions include potato cleaning, peeling, slicing, blanching, dehydration, frying, degreasing, seasoning, and packaging. This commercial small-scale fried potato chip production line is very suitable for businessmen with limited investment funds. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, artichokes, etc. can all use this processing plant to produce crispy chips.

Crispy potato chips making
crispy potato chips making

Required equipment of the 100kg/h potato chips processing plant

Washing and peeling machinePotato washing and peeling machineModel: TZ-800
Capacity : 600kg/h
Dimension: 16000*850*800 mm
Voltage: 220v,50hz, single phrase
Power: 1.1kw  
Weight: 180kg
One batch: 2 minutes
Material: 304 stainless steel
Rollers: 9 pcs
Machine with wheels, sprays, water tray. Collect the wastewater in the water tray to protect the sanitary environment
Cutting machine Potato cutting machineModel: TZ-600
Material: all 304 Stainless steel
Knife: 2mm or based on your needs
Function: Sweet potato, potato, radish, and so on can be cut, widely used.
Blanching machine  Blanching machineModel: TZ-700
Voltage:220v,50hz, single phrase
Weight: 180kg
Heating type : electric
Capacity:100 kg/h 50kg/batch (2 frames)
Material: 304 stainless steel
One batch:1-2 minutes
Function: to remove the starch
Dehydrating machine De-water machineModel: TZ-900
Capacity :200kg/h
Size :1100*500*850mm
Voltage: 220v,50hz, single phrase
Weight: 350kg
Material: 304 stainless steel
One batch: 1-3 minutes
Function: After blanching the potato chips, the potato chips surface has water, it can’t directly to frying, so it need use this machine remove water. You can set the dewatering time by yourself
Frying machine  Frying machineModel: TZ-700
Voltage:220v,50hz, single phrase
Weight: 120kg
Capacity:100 kg/h
Material: 304 stainless steel  
Frying temperature:160-180℃
Function: fry the potato chips. The frying machine can provide controllable constant temperature to keep uniform heating. The residue in frying oil can be filtered out automatically to ensure the oil quality.
Deoiling machine  Deoiling machineModel: TZ-900
Voltage: 220v,50hz, single phrase
Power: 1.5kw  
Weight : 350kg
Material: 304 stainless steel
Function: after frying, use this machine to remove the surface oil.
Seasoning machine Seasoning machineModel: TZ–800
Weight: 130kg
Power: 1.1kw
Capacity: 300kg/h
Voltage:220v,50hz, single phrase
Material: 304 stainless steel

FAQ about the 100kg/h potato chips processing plant

How to pack the seasoned potato chips?

Deep-fried potato chips are crispy and can break easily when packaged. Therefore, we usually choose a potato chip packaging machine with a nitrogen filling function to pack potato chips. The vacuum packaging machine in our factory can not only vacuum packaging frozen French fries, but also nitrogen-filled packaging for crispy foods such as potato chips.Potato chips packaging machine

Can potato chips be made into wavy shapes?

Yes, of course. The cutting knife of the potato slicer is replaceable. Users can purchase two cutters at the same time. The user can replace the potato cutter he needs on the potato slicer when using it. In addition, our company also provides the following potato slicers at a lower cost. The slicer has many feed ports with different diameters, which can be used to process potatoes of different sizes and other root vegetables, such as taro, sweet potatoes, etc.
Pres type potato slicer machine

Can the potato chip frying machine be heated by gas?

Absolutely yes. The potato chip frying equipment designed by our factory can be heated by gas and electricity. A gas-type fryer is more suitable for use in areas where power resources are not abundant. Moreover, compared with an electric fryer, a gas-type potato chip fryer can save processing costs.
Gas-heating potato chip fryer machine

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