150KG/H Potato Chips Production Plant

potato chips production line
potato chips production line

This potato chips production plant is a 150/h French fries production line. It is medium-sized equipment with all production machines from potatoes to potato chip packaging. The production process of potato fries includes potato washing and peeling, potato slicing, blanching, dehydration, and frying, de-oiling, seasoning, and packaging.

The difference between French fries and potato chips production plant process

Potato blanching machine applications for making chips and fries 1
Potato Chips Production Plant

In addition to the different shapes in the production process of french fries and potato chips, there are still some differences. First, the cutting shape and thickness of potato chips and french fries are different, this results in different frying times for French fries and potato chips, the frying time for fries is relatively shorter. Some people may find it incredible. Although French fries are thicker than potato chips, most of them are lightly fried, frozen, and then packaged and sold. Potato chips are sold directly as finished products.

Item Picture Details
  1. Washing and peeling machineImageModel: TZ-800Capacity : 700kg/h Dimension: 1580*850*800 mmVoltage: 380v,50hz,3 phasePower: 1.1kw  Weight : 180kgOne batch:2 minutesMaterial: 304 stainless steel Rollers: 9 pcs Machine with wheels, sprays, water tray.
2. cutter machine Potato cutter machineModel:TZ-600Size:950*800*950mmCapacity:600kg/hVoltage: 380v,50hz,3 phaseWeight: 110kgPower:1.1kwMaterial:304 Stainless steelKnife: thickness 1mm chips or according client needs
  3.Blanching machine  Blanching machineModel:TZ-1500Power:36kw Voltage:380v,50hz,3 phaseweight: 100kg size :1700*700*950mmHeating type : electricCapacity:150kg/batch (3 frames)Material: 304 stainless steel One batch:1-2 minutes
  4.Dehydrator DehydratorModel:TZ-400Capacity :300kg/size :1000*500*700mmVoltage:380v,50hz, 3 phase power :1.5kw  Weight : 360kgMaterial: 304 stainless steel Time: 1-3 minutes Function:After blanching the potato,the surface have water,it can’t directly to frying,so it need use this machine remove water.You can set the time by yourself
  5. Frying machine  Frying machineModel:TZ-1500Power:36kw Voltage:380v,50hz,3 phaseweight: 100kg size :1700*700*950mmHeating type : electricOil capacity: 150LCapacity:150kg/batch (3 frames)Material: 304 stainless steel Fry time: 1.5-2 minutesDegree: 160-180°C
  6.Deoiling machine  Deoiling machineModel:TZ-400Capacity :300kg/hDimension :1000*500*700mmVoltage:380v,50hz, 3 phasePower: 1.5kw  Weight : 360kgMaterial: 304 stainless steel Function: after frying potato chips use this machine remove the surface oil, then to freezer machine.
7. Seasoning machine    Seasoning machineModel:TZ–800Weight: 130kgPower : 1.5kwCapacity :300kg/hVoltage:380v,50hz, 3 phaseMaterial: 304 stainless steel Simple design, cost saving, but does not affect production function and efficiency.
   8. Nitrogen-filled packing machine Nitrogen-filled packing machineModel: TZ-300Size: 1200*600*850mmCapacity:300kg/hPower:1.5kwVoltage: 380v/220v, 50hz, 3 phaseWeight:260kgNotes: machine has nitrogen function, you just need equip nitrogen tank by yourself.
 9. Frame for De-oil machine Frame for de-oil machineQty:2 sets Unit price :90usd Hight:300mm Diameter:500mm Weight:9 kg
10. Frame for frying machine  Frame for frying machineQty :2 sets Unit price:80usdSize:490*490*260mmWeight:5kg
11.Heating tube Heating tubeQty: 6 pcs unit price: 50usdMaterial:304 stainless steel seamless pipe
potato chips production plant

How long do potatoes need to be cleaned?

For potato cleaning time, there are two situations. First, if fresh potatoes are used for production, the cleaning time is generally 1-2 minutes. However, if you are using stock potatoes, the cleaning time will be longer, generally 5-6 minutes.

Fresh potatoes
Fresh Potatoes

What is the thickness of the potato slices cut by the slicer?

The machine can cut potato chips between 2-9mm, but the thickness of potato chips in the potato production process is generally between 1-2mm. If the cut is too thin, it will cause the potato to be fragile during the frying process. If it is too thick, It will affect the taste, so the thickne

ss of potato slices is very important. In addition, the slices of potato chips need to be uniform, so that the heat can be better controlled during the frying stage.

Potato chips production
Potato Chips Production

Why blanch potatoes in potato chips production plant

Since potatoes are vegetables with a relatively high starch content, blanching can remove the starch on the surface of the potatoes, making the potato chips more crispy when they are fried, and avoiding too much starch which may cause the potato chips to be too soft. During the blanching process of potato chips, the machine needs to be preheated for 15-20 minutes at a temperature of 80℃-100℃, but the blanching time should not be too long, and the general time can be 1 minute.

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