Investment Analysis of Small Frozen French Fries Plant in Russia

frozen french fries making in Russia

As a large potato production and consumption country, Russia’s french fries processing industry has also developed rapidly in recent years. In particular, many small frozen french fries plants are gradually established in Russia, so what are the investment advantages of establishing frozen french fries processing plants in Russia? French fries machine manufacturers will analyze in detail for you here.

Main factors about Russia frozen french fries processing business

1. Large Russian potato production

Russian potato production accounts for 7.62% of global potatoes. In 2017, Russia produced 29.59 million tons of potatoes. Now its potato planting area is 1.88 million hectares (about 28.2 million mu). The vast majority of potatoes in Russia are grown on a single-family farm, and potato farms are not concentrated in a certain area but are spread all over the country.

Harvesting of potatoes for making french fries
harvesting of potatoes for making french fries

According to reports, Russia ’s potato production increased 9-fold between 2014 and 2018, increasing its output from 4,700 tons to 42,400 tons. In 2014-2017, its annual potato production ranged from 4,600 tons to 6,100 tons. During the five years, its main output growth was in 2018, which was a 9.2-fold increase from 2017. The survey shows that the main reason for the significant increase in potato production in Russia is precisely the increased demand for frozen french fries.

2. Russia’s frozen french fries have good market sales

Russia’s overall index of frozen french fries sales is not only a positive growth rate but also an absolute maximization. Its frozen fries sales volume has increased by 480%, and its output and sales volume will continue to grow in 2019. In the context of the commissioning of the Lipetsk Oblast factory, the production area of ​​Russian fries has undergone major changes.

Taizy factory for manufacturing of frozen french fries machines
Taizy factory for manufacturing of frozen french fries machines

In the overall structure of the production of frozen French fries, the Lipetsk region occupies the first place. With the increase in the domestic production of frozen french fries in Russia, its export supply has increased dramatically, and its export volume to the world market has increased by nearly 6 times. At the same time, its imports of French fries began to decrease, and the total fell by about 50%.

Today, some large cities in Russia have established large-scale frozen fries factories. However, there are very few small-scale frozen french fries plants, which cannot provide the timely supply of fries to local towns. Therefore, it is advantageous to invest in a small frozen french fries plant in Russia.

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