Small Frozen French Fries Plant Was Installed in Qatar

Qatar small frozen french fries plant is working

A 300kg/h frozen french fries plant has been completed and put into production in Qatar. This small processing line for making frozen french fry is the semi-automatic operation type but has very high production efficiency.

Market analysis of Qatar’s frozen french fries

The Qatari people are very particular about dining. They usually pay attention to the combination of color and flavor of food, and like to cook with high quality and small quantity. Qatar’s diet is slightly spicy and lighter.

In addition, with the development of internationalization, many foreign foods are gradually accepted by the Qatari people, such as Chinese food and Western food. Some fried foods have also begun to appear on the table of the Qatari people, such as French fries, potato chips, fried chicken and fish nuggets.

Various french fries with good tastes
various french fries with good tastes

French fries, as a delicious casual snack, are now common in restaurants in Qatar. However, due to the relative shortage of living materials, the domestic demand for french fries is far greater than the market supply. Therefore, it is very promising to invest in a frozen french fries processing plant to produce frozen french fries in large quantities.

Details of the Qatar order of the small frozen french fries plant

The Qatari client came to China with friends last year to attend the Canton Fair, mainly looking for investment opportunities. At first, they only had plans to invest in the food processing industry, and did not decide which foods to produce.

During their inspection in China, they had a lot of information on the food processing industry and learned that the processing of French fries today is a business with great investment prospects. They combined their domestic fries supply and marketing situation and market demand and then decided to focus on commercial french fries processing equipment.

Taizy french fries machines factory
Taizy french fries machines factory

During their inspection in China, they visited a total of 4 French fries machine manufacturers, and finally screened us out with another manufacturer. The Qatar customer has a hard time choosing between the two suppliers because the quality of our machines is about the same as the product price.

One month after returning to Qatar, the customer finally chose to cooperate with us. Why is this? We have summarized the advantages of our factory: 1. The production scale of our factory is relatively large, not only can produce various frying machines, but also provide large, medium and small fries processing lines and potato chips processing lines. 2. We can not only provide customers with preferential price and reliable quality products but also provide customers with production suggestions and guidance. 3. We provide complete pre-sales and after-sales services, provide customers with the required production videos, machine manuals, equipment installation instructions, etc.

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