Two commercial potato cutters exported to South Africa

commercial potato slicer machine for shipping to South Africa

The commercial potato cleaning, peeling and slicing machine is widely used in the vegetable and fruit processing industry. This equipment can not only be used in restaurants and food processing plants for deep processing of fruits and vegetables, but also can be used in the French fries production line to process French fries. Recently, our factory exported two potato cutters with a capacity of 150kg/h to South Africa.

Potato cutters are packaged for shipping 1
Two Commercial Potato Cutters Exported To South Africa 4

Applications of commercial potato cutter machine

The integrated potato washing, peeling and cutting machine is widely used in the food processing industry. On the one hand, it can be used in restaurants and large canteens to quickly clean, peel and slice potatoes, ginger, taro, and sweet potatoes. Due to the high production efficiency, the use of this machine can replace a lot of labor.

Potato washing peeling and slicing machine
Potato Washing Peeling And Slicing Machine

On the other hand, the potato cutting machine can be used in the front-end processing link of the French fries and potato chip processing line. The machine can quickly clean and peel potatoes, and then the cleaned potatoes will enter its automatic slicing system for cutting. The machine can customize the size and shape to be cut according to the needs of users.

Details about the South Africa order of commercial potato cutter

The South African customer has a large catering company that needs to process various fruits and vegetables every day, so automatic washing and cutting machines are needed instead of manual labor.

South africa potato cutting machines are shipped
South Africa Potato Cutting Machines Are Shipped

The South African customer mainly wanted to use the potato slicer to process ginger, sweet potatoes and potatoes. We introduced the performance and operation method of the machine to the customer in detail, and provided him with a suitable model according to his processing needs.

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