Why are french fries called French fries?

fries potatoes made by french fries making machine

French fries are fried potatoes cut into strips. It originated in Belgium and is now one of the most common fast food, popular all over the world. But do you know the origin of the name of the fries?

The origin of French fries

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Many of you know that the English word for French fries is “Chips”, and Americans call them “French Fries”, but in fact its real origin is Belgium. As early as 1680, the Belgians began to produce these fries. Food cut into strips and fried, is now one of the most common fast food, popular around the world.

During World War I, American soldiers ate these fries in Belgium and found them to be particularly delicious. From then on, the fries became popular. But the soldiers took it for granted and called it “French” because the common language in the Belgian army at that time was French. So they thought it was “French fries”.

Jefferson brings fries to the U.S.

托马斯·杰斐逊 副本
Thomas Jefferson makes fries

Originally called “Potatoes, fried in the French Manner” in the United States, French fries were introduced to America in the late 18th century by a man named Thomas Jefferson. He brought into the United States the method of cooking fries, not the actual fries. This can prevent the fries from getting wet and rotting away during the 5-8 week journey across the Atlantic Ocean. He started selling the fries in Monticello, a place where they were so popular that they gradually became one of the main dishes of the American dinner.

Record about fries potato sticks

The Oxford Dictionary records that “French Fries” are what the British call “Chips”. The Oxford Dictionary cited Dickens in 1857 describing a plate of potato sticks cooked in oil, which is the first documentation of French fries. In the late 19th century and the 1950s, several American magazines also documented fries, but these do not contribute to the history of fries.

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French fries produced by fries making machine

Interestingly, French fries were actually the predecessor of potato chips. According to an 1853 “interesting history,” George Crum of the United States was a cook in New York. Some customers complained that the fries were too thick, so Mr. Crum made some thinner fries, but they were not well received, and Crum went on to make some even thinner fries, so thin that they could not be eaten with a fork, and if anyone tried to use a fork, they would break the fries. This failed dish, but I did not expect everyone to love it. Later, Crum added this new dish to the menu and called it “Saratoga chips” (Saratoga chips). Then, he opened his own store to sell these “bad fries”.

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  1. This story floats around. This isn’t entirely accurate. French fried potato recipes appear in American publications in the 19th century, before the Great War. French frying is a method of cooking. It is the same as deep frying, though is was originally done in animal fats as concentrated vegetable fats were not available. They are not called french fries because American soldiers in Belgium thought they were in France. It refers to the method of cooking, which is assumed to be of French origin, and you can french fry things anywhere, even in Belgium.

  2. You are incorrect as Belgium did not exist until 1830. Before that is was Dutch and before that it was part of France. And that is why they’re called French fries. As per usual the BBC is incorrect, if that’s where you received your information from.

    1. If there are other mistakes, you can leave me a message, and you can also share your knowledge about fries,very,thanks

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