10 Best French Fries You Must Know

various french fries with good tastes

If you are a French fries lover, you may be very familiar with British Fish & Chips, American hamburger fries and French fries made by French fries making machines. However, you may don’t know the top 10 best french fries in the world, so the french fries maker machine manufacturer will share it for you here.

How to make delicious french fries?

As a casual snack that is popular all over the world, French fries have huge differences in taste and appearance. In life, we usually go to various fast-food restaurants and chain restaurants to buy ready-to-eat French fries. There are two cases of making french fries, namely making fries at home and producing fries in a french fries factory.

Whole set of french fries making machines for sale
Whole Set Of French Fries Making Machines For Sale

When making fries at home, do not fry the potatoes immediately after slicing, washing and blanching. It is best to freeze the fries in the refrigerator for more than 2 hours before frying them. When the factory uses french fries making machines to produce french fries on a large scale, the machinery replaces a lot of manual labor, and the production efficiency is very high.

10 best french fries you must know

Top 1: curly fries

This kind of french fries is a collection of the advantages of all french fries, both the layering of shoestring potatoes and the large surface area of ​​waffle fries. Its crisp and soft parts are just right. This fancy shaped fries is currently available in many fast food chains.

Top 2: waffle fries

This fries looks like a potato cake, but it is indeed a fries product. Its approach is relatively complicated. When eating this waffle fries, we can drizzle various sauces, such as hot sauce, gravy, cheese, tomato sauce, etc. according to personal preferences.

Top 3: sweet potato fries

Unlike ordinary fries made from potatoes, this sweet potato fries is definitely one of the greatest inventions in the fries world. The taste of this fries can be sweet or salty. Many healthy eating enthusiasts say it is also healthier than regular fries.

Top 4: truffle fries

This is a fancy fries dish. The combination of truffles and french fries didn’t make people feel very incompatible. This truffle fries is very suitable for eating in high-end restaurants, giving people a noble temperament.

Top 5: Belgian fries

There is no difference between this kind of french fries and ordinary french fries. But its edible advantage lies in the matching special dipping material, which is slightly refreshing with sour taste and perfectly neutralizes the greasy taste brought by frying.

Top 6: regular fries

McDonald’s and KFC are regular fries in French fries. This kind of fries is usually double fries. The main purpose is to fry the frozen french fries made by the french fries making plants again. The oiliness and heat of these fries are usually in place.

Top 7: shoestring potatoes

The processing technology of this kind of french fries is very high. It is because of its thin shreds that the shoelace fries are named. Authentic shoelaces and chips are rich in layering because they are finely shredded and well-heated. They are more suitable for consumers who like crisp taste.

Top 8: steak fries

Steak fries are not a simple steak + fries combination, but because the thickness of this kind of french fries is greater than ordinary french fries. In addition, the french fries are served with a rich steak soup, and the taste is very good.

Top 9: chilli cheese fries

This kind of french fries is more suitable for heavy taste consumers. This fries is a combination of regular fries and spicy sauce, cheese, etc.

Top 10: crinkle-cut fries

The taste of these French fries is no different from that of regular French fries. It is characterized mainly by its wavy shape. The corrugated chips can be cut with a commercial potato cutter.

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