200kg/h French Fries Processing Line Sold To Tanzania

french fries processing line shipped to Tanzania

Recently, a Tanzanian customer consulted and purchased a 200kg/h french fries processing line. After the machine was officially put into use, he was full of praise for the quality and efficiency of our machine.

French fries market in Tanzania

According to the survey, young consumers are the main driving force of the French fries market and they like fast food and convenience food. Influencers, social media recommendations, and fast food advertising often influence consumers. In addition, Tanzania’s French fries market is highly competitive, with food processing companies, fast food chains, and street vendors all vying for market share. To stay competitive, companies need to innovate products and provide better customer experiences continuously. In summary, the French fries market in Tanzania has great potential and room for growth.

Deep frying machine
deep frying machine

Customer demand for french fries processing line

The Tanzanian customer operates a food processing factory that produces snacks, pasta, and other products. The person in charge of the factory values the local french fries market and wants to expand the business scale, so they want to introduce a french fries processing line, hoping to bring more profits to their factory.

He discovered the french fries processing line on our website during market research, and after seeing the process of making french fries on our production line, he was very interested in our machines, so he contacted us. Our sales are responsive, communicative and understand our customers’ needs. After negotiation, the sales manager recommended a 200kg/h french fries processing line based on the size of the factory and the actual situation.

Potato wash and peel machine in stock
potato wash and peel machine in stock

The complete process from washing potatoes, peeling and shredding potatoes, frying and freezing french fries, seasoning french fries, and packaging french fries is both efficient and saves a lot of labor. It can also ensure that poor-quality fries are screened out, ensuring that the fries produced are uniform in size and have a consistent taste.

Select machine
select machine

Successfully installed and put into use

After signing the contract, the french fries processing line was quickly shipped to Tanzania. During use, customers encountered some operational problems. We provided online technical support and answered customers’ questions in detail, and the french fries processing line was successfully put into use. The Tanzanian customer said that opening up the french fries market has brought him a lot of profits, and it is very worthwhile to invest in this 200kg/h french fries processing line.

French fries freezer machine
french fries freezer machine
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