300kg/h Automatic Potato Chips Production Line Sold to Russia

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Recently, we successfully exported a 300kg/h potato chips production line to Russia. We are happy to share the details of this cooperation!

Potato chips production line
potato chips production line

Meet market demand for potato chips

The customer is a food processing factory located in Russia, focusing on the production of various snack products, including potato chips, puffed foods, etc.

As market demand grows and competition intensifies, they urgently need to improve production capacity and product quality to meet market demand and maintain a competitive advantage.

The customer needed a potato chip production line that could increase production capacity to meet market orders and customer demand.

At the same time, customers hope that the production line can integrate a series of production links from raw material processing to packaging, realize automated production, and be easy to operate and easy for employees to use.

Potato chips plant
potato chips plant

Providing solutions to Russian customers

After communication, our sales manager provided a customized 300kg/h potato chips production line plan based on customer needs. The production line integrates a series of production links from raw material cleaning, cutting, soaking, draining, drying, frying, and seasoning to packaging, realizing one-stop production.

Specifically, it includes an automated control system, adjustable production speed, multi-function operation panel, etc. It is simple to operate manually and has the characteristics of high efficiency, stability, and reliability.

Loaded potato chip production line
loaded potato chip production line

Positive effects and impact

Now the potato chips production line has been put into production and customers praise it:

Production capacity has been greatly improved: the newly introduced 300kg/h potato chip production line enables it to meet market orders and customer needs more quickly.

Product quality has been greatly improved: the efficient operation and precise control of the production line make the potato chips produced stable quality, crispy in texture, uniform in color, and delicious in taste.

Obvious market competitive advantage: The customer has a stronger competitive advantage in the Russian market, expanded market share, increased sales, and achieved improvement in market position.

Welcome to consult for more machine information

Readers are welcome to learn more about Taizy Machinery’s information and products.

Taizy Machinery has many years of industry experience and rich technical strength. Our products cover potato chips production lines, French fries production lines, vegetable and fruit processing equipment, meat processing equipment, and other fields, and are widely used in all aspects of the food processing industry.

Taizy machinery
Taizy machinery

We always adhere to the tenet of “quality first, customer first”, constantly optimize product structure and improve service levels, and take it as our responsibility to meet customer needs. The equipment we provide has stable performance, reliable quality, and intelligent operation. We also provide customized solutions and personalized services to provide customers with all-round support and assistance.

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