Analysis of Nigeria Semi-automatic Plantain Processing Industry

Negeria banana chips deep processing

Africa is an important global producer of bananas and plantains. Nigeria is the second-largest producer of plantains in western Africa. In recent years, Nigeria has deep-processed rich banana resources through deep-fried banana chip processing lines used by importers, which has increased added value and created considerable economic income.

Current status of plantain production in Nigeria

The total output of African bananas in 2019 is about 12.6% of the world’s total output of plantains is about the world’s 81%. The combined output of African bananas and plantains is about 28% of the world. Especially on the edge of the Sahara in Africa, plantains account for a quarter of the staple food of about 100 million local residents.

Nigeria plantain planting and deep-processing
Nigeria plantain planting and deep-processing

Nigeria ’s plantain production ranks among the top four in total production in western Africa. Last year Nigeria ’s banana production was about 315,000 tons, accounting for 4.62% of Africa ’s annual banana production.

Why does Nigeria import semi-automatic fried banana chips production line?

1. Nigeria has rich plantain resources and large output. Plantains can be used not only as a staple food for local residents but also as a source of wealth for them. Using banana chip processing machines to produce and export banana chips can generate income.

Hot-sale banan chips made by automatic banana chips line
hot-sale banan chips made by automatic banana chips line

2. Compared with the fully automated banana chip production line, the semi-automatic fried banana chip processing line has a better investment advantage in Nigeria. The whole set of equipment has the characteristics of compact structure, high production efficiency, simple operation, and low investment cost. In addition, the semi-automatic banana chip processing line can make full use of local cheap labor, and the processing cost is not high.

3. The market demand for fried banana chips is high. Not only in Nigeria but also in the international market, nutritious banana chips are very popular. Banana chips are rich in protein and vitamins and have a refreshing taste. This new type of banana deep-processed product can be sold as a healthy casual snack, so people of all ages like to eat it.

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