French fries making machine for sale worldwide

large french fries processing plant in Russia

The fried French fries processing business is currently a very profitable investment project. Investors from many countries have already chosen this food processing industry, such as the United States, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Egypt, Turkey, Ghana, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. There are many types of French fries making machines in the Taizy factory, which can meet the production needs of different customers, so we have won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.

What equipment does a French fries factory need?

For French fries processors engaged in the production and sales of French fries, in addition to serious research on the French fries sales market, they also need to screen the French fries making machine manufacturers purchase high-quality and efficient potatoes.

Taizy fried food processing machinery
Taizy fried food processing machinery

A new French fries production project usually requires a complete French fries production line, which mainly includes potato cleaning and peeling machine, potato quick slicing equipment, French fries fryer, French fries seasoning machine, and finished French fries packaging machine.

French fries manufacturers can also add corresponding auxiliary equipment, such as conveyors, blanching machines, dehydrators, and degreasing machines, according to their own investment budget.

Delicious french fries made by taizy french fry machines
Delicious French Fries Made By Taizy French Fry Machines

French fries making machine price in Pakistan

At present, many countries have become the key cooperation targets of our factories, such as Turkey, Iran, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Thailand, Nigeria, Egypt, Lebanon, the United States, Canada and Argentina. Among them, Pakistan, as a rapidly developing country, has cooperated more and more with our factories in recent years.

Our French fries production lines of different scales have been exported to Pakistan one after another, 100kg/h French fries making machine, 300kg/h automatic French fries production line, even 1 ton/h large French fries processing line, etc. have been installed in Pakistan. Put into production and use.

Customer visiting for french fries making machines
Customer Visiting For French Fries Making Machines

The ex-factory price of the French fries making machine in our factory is basically the same as the average market price of the French fries machine. Therefore, customers can usually buy affordable, high-quality French fries processing equipment in our factory.

The reason why we want to provide domestic and foreign customers with affordable fries production line is because we want to establish cooperation with all investors who want to get rich to achieve a win-win situation.

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