French fries production line process

french fries production line process

Shuliy machinery is an enterprise integrating scientific research, development, design, production, and sales. We specialize in food machines. Our French fries production lines are semi-automatic French fries production plants as well as fully automatic French fries processing lines. Next, I will introduce the French fries processing process and related equipment in detail.

All aspects of the French fries processing line

  1. Potato cleaning and peeling: use a hair roller washer to clean and remove the soil from the potato surface. The hard brush to remove the potato skin.
  2. potato selection: after cleaning the potatoes, go into the picking belt to pick out if there are bad or sprouted potatoes.
  3. Potato cutting: The selected potatoes will go directly into the cutting machine and be cut into fries of the required size. The thickness of the cut strips can be adjusted by yourself, which is very convenient.
  4. Washing: the cut fries will enter the bubble washing machine to clean the residual soil and starch on the surface of the potatoes.
  5. Rinsing: the function of this process is to cut the fries or potato chips for bleaching and color fixation.
  6. Air dry dehydration: why dehydration before frying it? Because when frying, the less water fries, not only the frying time will become shorter, and the better the taste after frying. Need an air dryer. Blow dry all the water on the surface of the fries to make the surface of the water jacket as dry as possible.
  7. Fries frying: from the air-drying line out of the potatoes into the fryer to start frying, fryer full line temperature control can ensure that the fries into the fryer temperature is always maintained in low temperature frying. Reduce the production of carcinogenic substances, and the fried food is safer, more hygienic, more delicious.
  8. Degreasing: design degreasing this process, mainly because the previous fried food because of excessive oil content, resulting in greasy food, people feel very disgusting, after degreasing treatment of potato chips, to overcome this problem, not only to improve the taste of potato chips, but also to make potato chips more nutritious.
  9. French fries seasoning: the seasoning procedure of the equipment is very simple and convenient, the fries are fried into the drum seasoning machine, with the rolling of the drum, and the purpose of turning the fries, so that the fries are more evenly seasoned.
  10. Fries packing: according to the requirements of packing into the corresponding size.

The above is the detailed introduction of each process of the French fries production line. If you are interested in our products or have any questions about our French fries processing plant, welcome to leave a message on our website or call our website customer service phone number(Whatsapp)directly.

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