How to season potato chips in the factory?

potato chips seasoning machine

When a large number of potato chips are seasoned in a potato chip processing plant, artificial seasoning is basically not used, but a special potato chip seasoning machine is used for seasoning.

When choosing an industrial potato chip seasoning machine, users should choose according to the processing volume of potato chips and French fries in their own factory. The common potato chips and fries seasoning equipment are octagonal seasoning machines and rotary seasoning machines.

Why use potato chip seasoning machine instead of artificial seasoning?

Fresh french fries for eating
fresh french fries for eating

1. Potato chips and French fries seasoning is heavy in plants

When the factories produce potato chips and French fries, the output is usually large, and the output of larger factories even exceeds 1 ton per hour. Under such circumstances, the artificial seasoning of potato chips and French fries cannot meet actual production needs at all. Using a potato chip seasoning machine for large-scale seasoning can not only reduce a lot of manual labor but also improve production efficiency and shorten processing time.

Electric seasoning machine
electric seasoning machine

2. Uneven artificial seasoning will affect the taste of potato chips

When the artificial seasoning is used for potato chips and fries, the uneven seasoning will occur, which will affect the taste and sales of potato chips and fries. In artificial seasoning, the seasoning powder is added manually. Inexperienced workers will find it difficult to control the amount of seasoning added, and there will be situations where more or less seasoning is added. The automatic potato chips and fries seasoning machine has the functions of automatic weighing and timing feeding, which can keep the taste of each batch of potato chips and fries consistent.

How to choose the suitable seasoning machine for processing potato chips and French fries?

When processing potato chips and French fries in factories, the two commonly used seasoning machines are the octagonal seasoning machine and the rotary seasoning machine. These two food seasoning machines are suitable for different potato chip processing plants.

The output of the octagonal seasoning machine is usually small, which is more suitable for small potato chips and potato chip production lines and semi-automatic potato chip processing lines. The amount of seasoning for each batch of the machine is mainly determined by its capacity, and its seasoning time and rotation speed can be adjusted.

Commercial chips and fries seasoning machine
commercial chips and fries seasoning machine

The rotary seasoning machine is often used in large potato chips and French fries processing lines, and is suitable for processing a large number of potato chips and French fries. The seasoning machine can be processed continuously during operation and has the function of adding seasonings quantitatively. And the speed of the seasoning machine can be adjusted.

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