Why Are Starchy Potato Chips More Expensive on the Market?

large potato chips plants

Fried potato chips on the market can be divided into potato starch-type potato chips and fresh-cut potato chips according to different processing techniques. Under normal circumstances, the taste of freshly cut potato chips is better than starchy potato chips. Why are starchy potato chips more expensive on the market?

Starch-type potato chips VS Fresh-cut potato chips

Potato starch-type potato chips are made from potatoes, washed, peeled, sliced, pre-cooked, mashed, dehydrated, dried, fried and seasoned into flakes or crumbs. Its raw material is fresh potatoes, with ingredients close to potatoes.

Potato starch is generally processed relatively finely, removing the crude fiber, crude protein, and other components, so the processing of starchy potato chips is more complicated. The starch content of potato varieties commonly used for processing such potato chips is above 20%.

Amazing potato chips making process
Amazing Potato Chips Making Process

The production method of the fresh-cut potato chips is relatively simple, and the investment feasibility is very strong. The complete potato chips processing line mainly includes cleaning, peeling, slicing, blanching, dewatering, frying, degreasing, seasoning, and packaging.

Moreover, according to different production needs, the production of potato chips can also be divided into semi-automatic potato chip making machine and automatic potato chip line. The raw material of fresh-cut potato chips is potatoes, which are washed, sliced, fried and seasoned to become delicious potato chips. This potato chip has a stronger potato flavor and better taste.

The reason why the price of starchy potato chips is more expensive?

1.This kind of starch-type potato chip has higher requirements for potato varieties. Generally, it is a potato variety with higher starch content that needs special cultivation.

2. The processing process of this potato chip is more complicated, usually requires more processing links and more manual participation, and the processing technology requirements are higher.

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