Why do large French fries plants cultivate special potatoes?

potatoes for making french fries

Many well-known French fries brands and French fries processing plants choose to grow special potato varieties in order to ensure their good taste. The fries produced by the excellent potato varieties are golden in color and crisp in taste and are more popular in the market.

Processing flow of French fries processing plant

In fact, the process of processing French fries in a French fries processing plant is not very complicated. Generally, it needs to go through sediment cleaning, peeling, cutting, blanching, frying, quick freezing, etc. Most of these processes are completed in continuous machines.

Among them, the key link is in the blanching stage. The quality of potato blanching directly affects the color and taste of the chips. When processing french fries, each process must be strictly controlled to produce delicious french fries.

Potatoes for making french fries
potatoes for making french fries

What are the characteristics of potatoes suitable for making fries?

The reducing sugar content of the potatoes used to make french fries is relatively low. During the same frying time with the french fries making machines, the processed potatoes with low reducing sugar content are lighter in color.

As we all know, potatoes contain low protein, low fat, high cellulose, and some water-soluble vitamins. Will the nutrients be destroyed after being fried? After the french fries are fried, there will indeed be some loss of nutrients.

The vitamin C content of a potato is approximately equivalent to the vitamin C content of ten apples. Its vitamin C will lose some, but still maintain a high content.

Semi-automatic frozen french fries processing line
Semi-Automatic Frozen French Fries Processing Line

Shapoti potatoes for making french fries

According to the measurement, the dry matter content of Chabotti can reach up to 22%, and the starch content can reach up to 18%, which is 2 to 3 percentage points higher than that of ordinary potato varieties, and its low reducing sugar content, good toughness and its suitability processing French fries.

Moreover, the utilization rate of this potato is more than 80%. The fries made from these potatoes have a stronger flavor and consumers prefer them.

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