Why Does the Philippines Encourage Banana Chip Processing and Exporting?

industrial production of banana chips

Due to its superior geographic location and suitable climate, the Philippines ’banana production and banana chip processing industries are well developed and have created tremendous value for its national economy. With the increasing market demand for banana chips, the Philippines has gradually encouraged its domestic banana chip processing and export industries. Therefore, many high-quality automatic banana chip processing machines have been introduced to the Philippines.

Current status of banana chips production in the Philippines

The Philippines is the world’s largest exporter of banana chips. After years of development, the banana chip processing industry in the country has formed a diversified production situation. Product varieties include fried banana chips, vacuum-packed banana chips, etc.

Its banana chip products can be divided into ready-to-eat snacks and catering foods according to their uses. The production of banana chips in Mindanao accounts for 90% of the country ’s total production. There are currently about 15 large banana chips plants in the Philippines, with a production capacity of 580 tons/day.

Delicious fried banana chips made by chips production line
delicious fried banana chips made by chips production line

Characteristics of Philippine fried banana chips

There are many types of banana chips in the Philippines, common ones are fried banana chips, high-temperature dehydrated banana chips, and baked banana chips. The fried banana chips in the Philippines are superior to Thai products in appearance and quality, with moderate sweetness and a crispier texture.

In order to give better play to the brand effect, banana chip exporters in the Philippines jointly registered a unified trademark and also implemented international food safety standards.

Reasons why the Philippines promotes the processing and export of banana chips

1. There is an increasing demand for casual snacks in the international market, especially fried bananas as green and healthy food, which has huge market potential. Promoting the processing and export of banana chips will benefit the Philippines ’national economic development.

Fully-automatic fried banana chips line
Fully-Automatic Fried Banana Chips Line

2. The Philippines ’annual export volume of banana chips in major markets such as the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China is close to 80 million US dollars. In recent years, China’s banana chip market has grown rapidly, which has also attracted special attention from the Philippines. Therefore, the Philippines emphasizes that by improving the quality of products, it can solidify and expand its market in China.
Field share.

3. The continuous updating of fully-automatic fried banana chip processing machinery promotes the production efficiency of banana chips, saves a lot of labor, and reduces the production cost. Therefore, with the help of the banana chips production line, the economic efficiency of banana chips processing in the Philippines is higher.

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