Why Freeze the French Fries before Re-frying?

frozen fries made by french fries processing line

When we make french fries, we usually freeze the french fries before frying them, or simply buy frozen french fries in the supermarket. Moreover, many well-known brands such as KFC and McDonald’s fries are also frozen fries produced by the factory on a large scale. So why do we freeze french fries?

The reasons for freezing french fries before re-frying

Re-fried frozen french fries for eating
re-fried frozen french fries for eating

1. Freezing makes fries crispier

After freezing, the water inside the french fries will freeze, so that the internal structure of the fries will be hollow. Such frozen french fries will not be damaged during the frying process, nor will they stick together, and will be easily cooked. In addition, the frozen french fries after frying have less water content and become more brittle.

2. Freezing prevents oxidative deterioration

Freezing french fries is a common method used by many french fries manufacturers. Commercial quick freezers are highly efficient equipment for freezing french fries. After the french fries are frozen, the opportunity of direct contact with air is avoided, so it is not easy to oxidize and deteriorate, and its shelf life will be longer. And the frozen french fries are more convenient for packaging and transportation to various fast food restaurants.

Quick freezer for freezing french fries
quick freezer for freezing french fries

3. Freezing will make the fries taste better

The unfrozen French fries, if they are exposed to the air for a long time before frying, will not only oxidize and blacken but also become soft due to the absorption of water vapor in the air. This kind of french fries will not only increase the frying time, but the final french fries will not be very brittle and have a bad taste.

Notes on making French fries

1. Palm oil can be used as the oil for French fries, and the taste will be better. But remember to replace the new oil in time. Otherwise, there will be many impurities in the oil that has been re-fried many times.

French fries production line of taizy
french fries production line of Taizy

2. Potatoes used for making french fries should be those with low starch content. Or directly choose frozen jelly beans from the supermarket. The fried chips will be crispy. Potato chips with a lot of starch will be very soft when fried.

3. When processing potato strips in a frozen french fries processing plant, you can add the appropriate amount of salt to the water of the blanching machine. The addition of salt can not only make the scalding effect of the potato strips better, but also make the color of the potato strips brighter, and the taste of the fried french fries will be better.

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