500kg/h Automatic French Fries Production Line Sold To Zimbabwe

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Recently, we have reached cooperation with Zimbabwean customers, and the introduction of french fries production line has brought huge profits to Zimbabwean customers.

Expand french fries production line market

Zimbabwe is rich in agricultural resources, with potatoes as one of the main crops, providing broad development space for the local food processing industry. A food processing factory in Zimbabwe has introduced an advanced French fries production line to improve product quality and expand market share, thereby achieving sustainable development of the company.

How did the Zimbabwean customer find us?

Zimbabwean customer searched a lot of information about french fries production line equipment and compared different product machines from many factories. When they saw videos of Taizy potato chip making machine operating well around the world, they immediately contacted us to describe the situation and needs of their food processing plant.

Find solutions for Zimbabwean customer

Based on their specific needs, our sales manager recommended a 500kg/h french fries production line. This production line integrates a one-stop solution from raw material washing, cutting, soaking, draining, freezing, frying, and cooling to packaging, and it can efficiently enhance production efficiency and product quality.

French fries to be shipped
french fries to be shipped

High appreciation for our products

The manager of the food processing factory in Zimbabwe stated that this French fries production line not only meets their requirements for efficiency and quality but also helps them stand out in the fierce market competition. This is an important step for them towards modernization, greening, and sustainable production.

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