500kg/h potato chips line installed in Saudi Arabia

frozen french fries line for shipping

The scale of the potato chip production line can be customized. Customers often buy 100kg/h potato chip line, 200kg/h potato chip line, 300kg/h potato chip line, 500kg/h potato chip line and 1000kg/h potato chip line. The production of potato chips is often directly related to customer demand and customer budget. Recently, our factory exported a 500kg/h potato chip processing line to Saudi Arabia.

How to determine the output of the potato chip production line?

The determination of the output of potato chips production line is affected by many factors, such as raw materials, potato chip processing machines, number of workers, investment costs, etc.

Taizy potato chips machine factory
Taizy potato chips machine factory

From the perspective of potato chip processing machines, the output of a complete potato chip production line is uniform. In other words, the working efficiency of each device in the entire production line is roughly the same, so as to ensure that each machine in the potato chip production line can work continuously.

Generally speaking, the output of potato chips production line generally refers to the weight of the finished potato chips processed by the production line per hour, not the weight of the raw materials for processing potato chips.

Why did the Saudi customer choose the Taizy 500kg/h potato chips line?

The younger brother of the Saudi client has a small snack processing factory, which mainly processes and sells various fried foods and puffed foods.

The client found through analyzing his brother’s years of food processing and business experience that the potato chip processing industry is profitable and has a high return on investment.

Later, after carefully researching the local potato chip consumer market and understanding the knowledge of potato chip processing, the client decided to invest in a factory to produce potato chips.

Customer visiting french fries machine factory
customer visiting french fries machine factory

The customer is very interested in a fully automatic potato chip production line and believes that this processing line can reduce manual participation, thereby ensuring the health and hygiene of food.

When the Saudi customer contacted our factory, we quickly provided him with the corresponding quotation and work video according to his production needs.

Later, he also designed factory drawings for the customer based on the area of ​​the customer’s plant. The Saudi customer was very satisfied and thought that we were professional and the service was in place, so he soon chose to cooperate with us and finally purchased our 500kg/h potato chip production line.

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