Analysis of Marketing Strategy of Lay’s Potato Chips

Lay's potato chips

When it comes to potato chips, many people think of delicious Lay’s potato chips. So, if we want to use potato chips making plant to produce potato chips in large quantities, how can we be as successful as Lay’s? Perhaps you can benefit from the marketing strategy of Lay’s potato chips.

About Lay’s

Lay’s Potato Chips is a casual snack food brand owned by PepsiCo. And PepsiCo is recognized as one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies and one of the most successful consumer products companies. Due to its good management, Lay’s potato chips now occupy a high market share and are already a well-known potato chip brand in the world.

Marketing strategy of Lay’s potato chips

1. Fine market research of potato chips

Pepsi’s market research found that consumers like to eat crispy potato chips. On this basis, Pepsi’s market research concluded that the thinner the potato, the crisper the potato chips. In order to satisfy this consumer preference, Pepsi has cultivated a kind of potato. This potato can be cut thinner than other potatoes, and the color of this potato is whiter.

Therefore, it is inevitable that Lay’s potato chips have a higher market share. In addition, the packaging material of Leshi potato chips adopts new materials with high barrier properties, high light-shielding properties, good oil resistance, and can print fine gravure patterns.

Various lay's potato chips
various Lay’s potato chips

2.Constantly update tastes and packaging forms

Lay’s potato chips continue to analyze market demand and continue to launch potato chips of various flavors. Common flavors of Lay’s potato chips include original flavor, cucumber flavor, lime flavor, Korean kimchi flavor, tomato flavor, barbecue flavor and so on. In addition, Lay ’s also packs potato chips differently according to different tastes, which can better meet the needs of consumers.

In addition, according to market research, Leshi found that 49.8% of consumers like to eat potato chips in barrels, 33.8% like to eat potato chips in bags, and consumers who like to eat potato chips in boxes Accounted for 15.5%. Therefore, Lay ’s mainly promotes barreled potato chips and bagged potato chips in the market.

Potato chips processing in plants
potato chips processing in plants

Some suggestions for potato chip processors

Through the analysis of Lay’s potato chips processing, we can understand that to establish a potato chips making plant, we must do a market survey in advance, analyze consumer needs and reasonably arrange specific potato chip production processes.

In order to maintain strong market competitiveness of enterprises, we must first have a sound production and management system. Potato chip processing is very important from the selection of raw materials, the purchase of potato chip making machines to the monitoring of production links. Therefore, potato chip processors must plan well.

Potato chip processors must keep up with market trends, fully understand the needs of consumers, and constantly update their own potato chip flavors and packaging forms.

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