French fries machine price in pakistan

french fries processing in Pakistan

French fries are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They have a rich taste and are very popular. Although we can make French fries at home, most of the French fries are made by food processing factories using French fries machine. Most fast-food restaurants in the world use French fries as one of their main products.

French fries are usually made by peeling potatoes, cutting them into strips, and then deep-frying them. Although the steps are not complicated, to ensure quality, the production process needs to be very careful. Therefore, in order to save time, most restaurants will use semi-finished frozen fries for production. Due to the business opportunities brought by the French fries business, many investors in Pakistan have begun to pay attention to the French fries production business.

Overview of Pakistan’s French fries processing

Potato processing in Pakistan accounts for about 15% of the total output, including potato starch, dehydrated potatoes, potato chips, and frozen French fries. Due to the limited supply of fresh potatoes and insufficient storage facilities, many French fries machines only operate from mid-August to late March of the following year.

Taizy small frozen french fries processing plant
Taizy small frozen french fries processing plant

From the perspective of the product structure of potato processing, Pakistan’s potato processing accounts for about 2% of the total output, while more than 60% of the fresh potatoes in the United States are used for processing French fries.

Why the french fries production increase in Pakistan?

For a long time, Pakistan’s potato processing products are mainly concentrated on dehydrated potatoes and potato chips. Due to the low quality of potatoes and insufficient processing capacity, Pakistan’s frozen potato fries production is very low.

Frozen french fries processing plant for sri lanka
Frozen French Fries Processing Plant For Sri Lanka

In recent years, the production of frozen French fries in Pakistan has grown steadily due to increased demand from fast-food restaurants and convenience stores. And the massive import of French fries machine also greatly promoted the production of French fries in Pakistan.

How is the french fries machine price in Pakistan?

The prices of French fries machines of different specifications vary a lot, and most fries processors need to purchase a full set of french fries production lines to produce fries in large quantities.

There are many types of fries machines, mainly including a series of potato deep processing equipment, such as washing machines, peeling machines, slicers, dryers, frying machines, seasoning machines, packaging machines, etc.

Usually, French fries machine manufacturers and suppliers will develop specific French fries processing plans and reasonably priced French fries processing lines for customers according to their investment budget and production requirements.

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