How to Produce High-Quality Potato Chips?

The worker is checking the quality of potato chips.

The quality of potato chips is mainly affected by the raw materials, production process, and packaging. Analyzing the above aspects, we can quickly find the answer to how to produce high-quality potato chips.

Raw Materials for Making Potato Chips

The raw material of potato chips is mainly potato, and the variety, maturity, and water content of potatoes will affect the quality of potato chips. Generally speaking, choosing potato varieties with high starch content, low water content, and crispy texture will help produce chips with good taste.

How are Potato Chips Made?

The production process of potato chips mainly includes cleaning, peeling, slicing, hot blanching, frying, and flavoring. When we are cleaning, peeling, and slicing, we should make sure that the potatoes are hygienic and evenly sliced. When blanching and frying, we should pay attention to controlling the heat and time. When seasoning, pay special attention to the amount of added ingredients. If any of the above links are not well controlled, the quality of potato chips will be reduced.

Different flavors of potato chips
different flavors of potato chips

How Do We Avoid All Kinds of Operational Errors?

Don’t worry, Taizy Machinery Factory is now launching a fully automatic potato chips production line. The production process does not require human participation, brush cleaning machine is responsible for cleaning and peeling because the peeling principle is a hard brush on the potato skin friction, which also makes the potato get the maximum use.

The temperature and time of blanching and frying are set in advance, which can prevent the chips from burning or not mature enough. The seasoning machine sprays the seasoning evenly according to the weight of the chips to ensure that each chip has the same taste.

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