How to Eat French Fries in Different Countries?

french fries made by the french fry machines

French fries are not just dipped in tomato sauce. And the way to eat French fries is different in different countries, such as the United States, Britain, Spain, Japan, France, Canada and so on. Let’s see what is the difference in eating french fries in different countries.

Characteristics of French fries made by french fry plants

The output of french fries produced by french fry plants is usually relatively large, and the quality of fries is relatively stable, which is why commercial french fries machines are popular in countries around the world.

Large-scale French fries factories usually use fully automatic French fries machines. Its continuous production process includes cleaning, peeling, cutting, blanching, dehydrating, frying, degreasing, seasoning and packaging Need to season this link).

French fry processing machines of taizy
French Fry Processing Machines Of Taizy

French fries processed by french fries plants are golden in color, uniform in size and crisp in taste, which is very popular in the market. Moreover, because the production process reduces manual involvement, the chips are clean and hygienic.

The various french fries meal in different countries

1. United Kingdom

Everyone should be familiar with fish and chips. Because this unique French dish dish has become the quintessence of Britain. Fish and chips include a piece of fried fish wrapped in flour and a piece of chips. You need to sprinkle salt and vinegar when eating. Fish and chips, as a street food that is popular all over the world, are usually wrapped in newspapers, but now many fast food restaurants are also available for diners to enjoy delicious food.

2. Japan

Eating fries in Japan usually requires vigorous shaking of the fries product before eating. This is because Japanese fries usually do not use sauce bags but spice powder bags. When eating, you must first pour the powder and fries into a paper bag and shake it, then you can enjoy it and enjoy the fun of making delicious fries.

3. France

French dinners have always been world-famous for their sophistication. French fries are usually eaten with French fries, fish and lettuce salad, and seasoned with some spices. In addition, French fries use mayonnaise instead of ketchup.

4. Canada

Canadian fries are particularly large compared to other countries. When eating Poutine, a traditional French fries of Quebec French descent, drizzle gravy and cheese curd on the chips while hot. In this way, the crispy fluffy fries and savory crushed cheese, gravy fusion taste very wonderful.

5. America

Americans generally use the most traditional way: to eat French fries with tomato sauce. But many Americans like to make ultra-fine fries at home. They cut the potatoes finely and long, soaked the starch in water, put salt, chili or green onions, and roasted at high temperature, the chips became crispy.

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