How to Make Authentic British Fish & Chips?

traditional fish and chips in UK

Fish & Chips is from the UK and have a long history. Almost all British people love delicious fish and chips. Today, fish and chips have become a symbol of Britain, and they can be made by continuous frying machines on large scale now. Therefore, Fish & Chips gradually become popular all over the world. So, how to make British Fish & Chips?

The history of the development of Fish & Chips in Britain

As early as the 19th century, Britain, as the world’s factory at that time, produced a large number of manual workers. They needed a food that was high in calories, cheap and convenient to eat, so Fish & Chips came into being. Britain is an island country, and the most indispensable ingredients are seafood, especially the abundant cod is the relatively cheapest ingredient.

Fish & chips in weddings
Fish & chips in weddings

The infrastructure construction of the early railway was completed, which made it possible to transport cod to various parts of England in a short time. When a Jewish boy named Joseph Malin sold the first combination of Fish & Chips on the streets of London in 1860, the food was deeply rooted in the blood of the island.

Today, technological advancement has driven the development of food machinery. A series of large-scale French fries processing machines and continuous frying machines have gradually replaced labor, which has increased the production of Fish & Chips, which has also accelerated the popularity of fish and chips in the UK and even in the international market.

How to make British Fish & Chips?

1. First, the ingredients need to be prepared. British chefs usually choose cod meat. Because cod meat is very suitable for making this dish. The next step is to prepare the batter in advance. The batter is not an ordinary batter, it is called a beer batter, with Italian flour, eggs, and beer added. And the batter is prepared one day in advance, that is, overnight, and the longer it is left, the easier it will be fried.

2. For the treatment of cod meat, sprinkle salt first to remove excess water. Then wipe the salt clean and put it in the prepared black pepper powder. We need to spread the whole piece of fish evenly, and then we need to remove the excess powder on the fish. Then you can put the whole piece of fish into the batter.

Delicious fish & chips made in britain street
delicious fish & chips made in Britain street

3. Then put the oil in a hot pot and heat the oil to 300 ° C. The process takes about 6 to 7 minutes. When processing in the factory, you can use a commercial deep fryer or a continuous fryer. Then the fish in the batter can be picked up and fried in a frying pan. When frying, we must use a spatula to constantly pour oil on the upward side of the fish. After frying for a while, turn the fish over and repeat the action of pouring oil. Finally, fry until the two sides are golden brown to remove the oil.

4. Next, let’s make French fries. You can buy frozen french fries directly from the supermarket and then fry them in an oil pan. Frozen french fries are generally made by frozen french fries processing plants and sold to supermarkets. After the french fries are finished, we put it with the fried fish. Then sprinkle with salt and add side dishes such as peas and coriander. Add a few more drops of lemon juice, and an authentic British fish and chips is finished.

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