Industrial Freezers VS Refrigerators

frozen french fries frozen by industrial freezer

Refrigerating methods for different materials are different. Therefore, whether to choose a Quick freezer or a refrigerator depends on the material to be refrigerated. In the frozen french fries processing line, it is necessary to choose an industrial freezer.

Working principle of industrial quick freezer

Vaporization (liquid becomes vapor) is endothermic. Liquefaction (steam turns into water) is exothermic. Whether it is a quick freezer, a refrigerator or an air conditioner, the same working principle is: (low temperature and low pressure) refrigerant (gas) → compressor → (liquefied) liquid refrigerant (high temperature and high pressure) → radiator (the surface heat of the refrigerator Go out) → Liquid refrigerant (low temperature and high pressure) → Capillary → Evaporator in the refrigerator (copper tube around the inner wall of the box) gasification is heat absorption → The temperature in the refrigerator will drop → (Gasification) refrigerant ( Low temperature and low pressure) → compressor. The industrial freezers circulate the heat inside the tank in this way, using refrigerant as the medium to transport it out.

Instant freezer for frozen french fries
Instant Freezer For Frozen French Fries

Main applications of industrial freezers

The effect of the quick industrial freezers is fast, deep cold quick freeze. Its industry standard: within 90 minutes, the central temperature of food drops from 70 ° C to 3 ° C; 240 minutes from 70 ° C to -18 ° C.

The quick-freezing machine is mainly used for deep-freezing and quick-freezing of food, mousse, cakes, and quick-frozen dumplings, sweet dumplings, buns, meat, frozen french fries, etc. to ensure that the nutrition of the food is not lost, the taste is fresh, and the plasticity is fast.

Instant freezing machine
instant freezing machine

Industrial freezers VS Refrigerators

1. The main function of the refrigerator is to keep fresh, and the main function of the refrigerator is to freeze quickly.

2. The temperature of the freezer is generally -16 ℃–45 ℃, mainly used for quick-frozen food, cold drinks and long-term use of meat. Products used for freezing can be stored in the freezer for a longer period of time. The water in the food frozen by the industrial freezer is easy to condense into frost, so to a certain extent, the machine must be defrosted.

3. The temperature of the refrigerator is generally about 2 ℃-10 ℃, so that it does not freeze food and has a fresh-keeping effect, and can store products such as vegetables, fruits, beer and beverages.

Frozen fries made by french fries processing line
Frozen Fries Made By French Fries Processing Line

What are the advantages of quick-frozen french fries?

1. After freezing, the ice crystal particles formed inside the french fries are small, and the destructiveness to the tissue cells of the french fries is relatively small.

2. The shorter the freezing time of the french fries, the shorter the time allowed for the salt to diffuse and separate the water to form pure ice.

3. Quickly reduce the temperature of the fries to below the temperature of microbial growth activity, the fries can deteriorate.

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