Semi-automatic Plantain Chips Machine Sold to Nigeria

banana peeler machine

Good news from Taizy Machine Works! Our plantain chips machine is running well in Nigeria and has brought considerable economic benefits to our customers. Let’s learn more about this successful cooperation!

Unique Resources for the Ugandan Customer

The Ugandan customer runs a bulk snack store in his local area. From his customer, he learns that plantain chips sell well all over the world. And the Ugandan customer has a large plantain forest near his home, which is rich in bananas. The Ugandan customer wanted to produce a large quantity of plantain chips for export, and he was so confident in his plan that he started to look for a suitable machine online.

What Problems Have Been Solved for the Ugandan Customer?

The Ugandan customer sifted through the comparisons and eventually, he chose to contact us. He told us that since it was his first time doing this kind of large-scale production, he wanted to keep the cost as low as possible. Our manager recommended a 50kg/h semi-automatic plantain chips production line for him according to his budget. Semi-automatic plantain chips, compared with fully automatic plantain chips production lines, need to involve labor in the middle of production. Still, the cost of a semi-automatic production line is much lower, which is very suitable for the Uganda customer’s needs.

The Ugandan customer responded that it is a waste of time to remove the plantain peels and it will slow down the whole production process, our manager recommended a plantain peeler with two operators according to the planning of his production needs. Because the plantain chips of the Ugandan customer are mainly used for exporting, our manager recommended he buy a packing machine to improve the good impression of the product to the customers. The Ugandan customer listened to our advice and started production immediately after receiving the machine.

Positive Feedback from the Ugandan Customer

The Ugandan customer sent a message saying, “Thank you, Chinese friends. Now my plantain chips business is expanding, and the United States, Australia, and Canada have been orders, I did not expect that yesterday we also received a large order from France. Thanks to you Taizy factory, I can create such high-quality plantain chips.”

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