Tips for Daily Use of Potato Chip Frying Machine

potato chips frying process with the frying machine

In a potato chips processing plant, an efficient potato chip frying machine is an essential device. No matter whether it is a gas-type fryer or an electric fryer, the potato chip production can only be guaranteed to be carried out smoothly if we truly master its use.

Common types of potato chip frying machines

There are many types of home-use potato chip fryer machine, but this type of fryer often has a small output and is not suitable for industrial potato chips production. The commercial potato chip frying machine is mainly composed of the batch fryer and continuous fryer.

Fried wave potato chips
fried wave potato chips

The batch frying machine for making potato chips is also can be divided into different types, such as the frame fryer and the upper-discharging fryer. This kind of fryer machine normally is the semi-automatic type.

The continuous potato chips frying machine also has various types, and always has large processing capacities. Therefore, a continuous fryer is really a good helper for the full-automatic potato chip production line.

Use tips of the potato chip frying machine

1. Before powering up the fryer, you must fill the tank with oil to avoid burning its heating tube. Please note: the heating tube must be immersed in the medium to work.

2. After the heating tube of the fryer is used for a long time, some oil residue will be generated on its surface, which should be cleaned in time. Potato chip processor manufacturers recommend cleaning up at least four times a month.

Various taizy frying machines for sale
various Taizy frying machines for sale

3. Clean up the residue on the surface of potato chip fryer in time. Because the residue on the machine should not accumulate too much or too thick, to prevent the heat stored in the residue from causing a fire.

4. In summer, the oil-water mixing fryer should be changed once a day. It can be replaced regularly in winter according to the water quality to protect the quality of the oil.

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