200kg/h Potato Chips Production Line Shipped To Cameroon

potato chips production line for sale in Cameroon

Recently, we sold a 200kg/h potato chips production line to Cameroon, an African country, and have reached an in-depth and friendly cooperation with it. The machines have now been put into production smoothly and are running stably. We are happy to share more details of the cooperation with you.

Potato chips processing line in cameroon
potato chips processing line in Cameroon

Purchasing needs for business expansion

The factory is well-known locally and is dedicated to producing a wide range of high-quality potato chips to meet the growing market demand for delicious snacks. Due to business expansion and increased market demand, they need to upgrade existing production equipment to improve production efficiency and product quality. Our sales manager made an analysis based on the customer’s industrial scale and recommended a 200kg/h potato chips production line to him.

Frying for potato chips
frying for potato chips

Highlights of our potato chips production line

The automatic potato chips production line integrates eight core links: potato cleaning, precision slicing, efficient air-drying, precise frying, intelligent blanching, automatic oil removal, personalized seasoning, and automated packaging. It has excellent purchasing advantages: it can produce potato chips with high efficiency and fully automatic, ensuring product consistency, and can also customize potato chips with different flavors.

  • Potato washing and peeling: efficiently wash and peel potatoes to ensure cleanliness and quality of ingredients.
  • Potato slicing: precise slicing equipment ensures consistent size and thickness of potato chips, providing consistent product quality.
  • Air drying machine: can quickly remove moisture from the potato surface to prepare for the subsequent frying process.
  • Frying and blanching: using frying equipment that precisely controls temperature and time, the potato chips are evenly crispy and golden in color.
  • Oil removal: advanced oil removal equipment effectively removes excess oil to ensure the taste and health of potato chips.
  • Seasoning machine: can customize various flavors of potato chips according to customer needs to meet the preferences of different consumers.
  • Packaging machine: ensures potato chips are packaged quickly and hygienically, maintaining the freshness and quality of the product.
Air dryer machine for sale
air dryer machine for sale

Positive production results and customer reviews

According to feedback from customers in Cameroon, since the introduction of this potato chips production line, the factory’s production efficiency has doubled, and more importantly, it has helped them stabilize product quality. The factory owner said with emotion, “Now, we can face any challenges with confidence. , because we have the production capacity to meet all market expectations.”

Popular wave potato chips
popular wave potato chips

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