Small-scale frozen French fries plant shipped to Sri Lanka

frozen french fries making process in plant

The Taizy factory has successively exported more than hundreds of sets of French fries making machines and production lines to different countries in the past five years. Among them, the small frozen fries plant is the investment project with the most orders.

Many users feedback that the investment income of the small frozen French fries processing line is relatively fast, which is very suitable for small and medium investors. Recently, we once again exported a full set of frozen French fries production line to an individual merchant in Sri Lanka.

Frozen french fries processing plant for sri lanka
frozen french fries processing plant for Sri Lanka

Why does this Sri Lankan customer produce frozen French fries?

In fact, the Sri Lankan customer first consulted with us about the deep fried French fries processing line, which uses french fries processing equipment to directly produce ready-to-eat fries for sale. But after learning about frozen French fries, he finally purchased a small frozen French fries production line from our factory. Why?

This is mainly determined based on the customer’s own production needs. The Sri Lankan customer did not know what frozen French fries are at first, let alone the production process of frozen French fries. He just wants to use the funds in his hands to invest in a profitable project. Because the local demand for French fries is relatively large, the customer only intends to do the French fries business.

Fresh french fries for eating
fresh french fries for eating

The client has his own seafood business, built a relatively large cold storage, and also has his own truck. Taking into account its own conditions, the customer believes that it is more suitable to produce frozen French fries and then distribute them to local fast-food restaurants and supermarkets.

Details about the Sri Lanka order of small-scale frozen French fries plant

Since it was the first time to contact the French fries processing industry, the Sri Lankan client did not want to directly invest in a large-volume French fries plant. Therefore, we recommended a small frozen French fries processing plant to him and designed the drawings of the French fries processing workshop and specific production solutions according to the size of his factory.

We also sent him many machine manuals and operating instructions videos. The customer was very satisfied with the services and products we provided and soon decided to cooperate with us.

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