How to upgrade the Ukrainian potato processing industry?

potato chips processing in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the major potato producing countries in the world. In order to increase the utilization rate of potatoes and increase their economic added value, Ukraine must accelerate the reform and upgrade of the potato processing industry. So how to upgrade the Ukrainian potato industry? It will be a good choice to produce delicious potato chips with the whole set of potato chips making machines!

Potato cultivation in Ukraine

In terms of potato production, Ukraine is the fourth largest potato producer in the world after China, India, and Russia, and its potato production accounts for 5.72% of the world market share. At present, the potato planting area in Ukraine exceeds 1.4 million hectares, with an annual output of more than 20 million tons.

Potato plantation in ukraine
potato plantation in Ukraine

It is understood that Ukraine harvested about 23.3 million tons of potatoes in October 2014, an increase of 2 million tons from 2013. In 2017, Ukraine’s total potato production was 22.21 million tons.

Current status of potato processing in Ukraine

Although Ukraine is a major potato producer, its export volume is very small. According to statistics, in Ukraine, more than 75% of potatoes are mainly used for daily household consumption. The 7% -8% of potato production is used for supermarkets and restaurants. Ukrainian potato exports accounted for only about 1%.

Commercial potato chips processing with taizy machines
commercial potato chips processing with Taizy machines

In terms of potato processing, Ukraine mainly processes potato starch, but its processing efficiency is not high enough to meet its domestic market demand. In addition, due to the lack of processing technology, the development of Ukraine in the potato chips and chips processing industry has just started. At present, in addition to Kraft Foods, the only large potato chips processing plant in Ukraine, there are few more potato chips and french fries processing plants.

How to upgrade the Ukrainian potato processing industry?

For Ukraine, its huge advantage in upgrading the potato processing industry lies in its huge potato production. Therefore, in addition to investing more in the processing of potato starch, deep processing of potatoes to improve potato utilization and added value is the key to Ukraine ’s industrial transformation.

Whole set of potato chips machines of taizy machinery
whole set of potato chips machines of Taizy machinery

Investing in potato chips making machines and large-scale potato chip production will be good choices. Taizy Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the development and manufacture of potato processing machinery. At present, we have exported all kinds of potato chip processing equipment to various countries in the world, such as automatic potato chip processing line, semi-automatic potato chip production line, small potato chip processing plant, large-scale potato chip lines, etc.

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