Why do European countries call for more French fries consumption?

The daily fries diet in Belgium

Under the epidemic, the economy and people’s lives in many countries have been affected to a certain extent. Among them, the consumption of French fries popular in European and American countries has also been seriously reduced. In order to reduce the waste of potatoes, European countries have advocated eating more French fries.

Belgium encourages French fries consumption

According to reports, in order to cope with the plummeting demand in the global epidemic, and working with potato farmers and potato processors to overcome the difficulties, the Belgians were urged to eat more French fries.

Harvesting of potatoes for making french fries
Harvesting Of Potatoes For Making French Fries

Belgium is the world’s largest exporter of french fries and other frozen french fries. The country ’s french fries processors consume 5.3 million tons of potatoes each year to make fries, mashed potatoes, and chips and sell them to more than 160 countries.

Why should we promote the consumption of French fries?

Under the control of the epidemic, many cafes and restaurants are closed, and they are precisely the number one customers in the fries industry. French fries processors reported a sharp 80% drop in French fries orders.

A person in charge said, “Everyone knows that Belgians love to eat domestic french fries. This is the intangible heritage of our deep-fried culture. So we urge everyone to eat more fries so we can process more potatoes, otherwise, it became a waste of food. “

French fries made by the french fry machines
french fries made by the french fry machines

Industry sources said that global demand for frozen french fries fell more than 40%. Many countries other than Belgium, such as France, Germany, and the Netherlands, also face the problem of how to use potatoes to reduce waste.

How to deal with Belgian potatoes this year?

This year ’s Belgian farmers ’income loss is estimated to be 125 million euros, and about 750,000 tons of potatoes cannot be effectively processed. And these potatoes cannot be used for other foods. Some of these potatoes are exported, some are donated to food banks (charities), some become cattle feed, and the rest are sent to straw power plant capacity.

People in the potato industry in Belgium strongly demand that everyone eat an extra fries every week. You can do it yourself at home, or you can go to a small shop to buy it.

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